I’m a chump for virtual real-estate

With a name like GUILD Wars, you’d expect at least semi-decent Guild Halls in this game — but damn, these aren’t just halls they’re entire islands! There’s something for every taste, from simple pre-Searing to moody-Goth via bow-down-to-my-Imperial-power Eastern.

And because I can’t help acting like Twoflower whenever I visit a new game (or revisit an old one, for that matter), here are a couple more screenies. Sadly you can’t go into all the cool-looking buildings up on the cliffs of the Imperial-POWA Guild Hall, but it still looks the shiz. I smushed them down to 1440×900 but can provide 1920×1200 if anyone wants a larger size to download. I’m using Imperial-POWA as my desktop right now, though that’s changing daily as I take more screenshots.

I can’t afford a guild hall yet, of course — I’m only a noob! — but oh, someday. Something to save up for!


I vont to be alone (with my God of death and my guildies)


All About Eve concert here tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “I’m a chump for virtual real-estate

    • Add… hrm… Ysharros Shadowkeep or Eloise of Solclaim to your list if you’re playing, they’re the most likely of my chars to survive. I’m making alts like crazy right now and deleting some of them pretty quickly as I try out different professions and playstyles and whatnot.

      Fortunately one name will rule them all in the GW friends list.

  1. Those are quite lovely I’ve always missed the wonderful GW halls. I actually logged in last night and made a new little character. It’s been fun again.

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