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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gardens and Cake

October 23, 2014 Leave a comment

‘Tis the season to be blowing out candles, apparently. Just as appliances seem to go into cascade-kaput mode, so the Mirage family are all maturing at exactly the same time. Must be something in the water.

It started with Elise having a low-key birthday just with Holdem (though that was followed by some spaceship woohoo we won’t talk about). She just passed into adulthood, and I didn’t think there was a great deal there to mark. Besides, everyone else was asleep; Elise and Holdem both have jobs with late-night schedules, so they’re often mooching about in the quiet house by themselves, which suits loner-Elise just fine.

Elise adult

After that, everyone decided they should age up pretty much on the same damn day, and I don’t mean just the triplets. Seems Slapjack and Ratscrew also want to celebrate right-the-hell-now, so I obliged and had Slaps bake himself a strawberry cake, then celebrate quietly at home with the family — with the exception of Holdem who was busy being James Bond and bringing home gold-plated bacon, by which I mean the $4000+ Simoleons he earns every time he goes to work.

Slapjack quiet adult bday_2Ratscrew reached the pinnacle of his Space Ranger (Astronaut) career and now brings in almost as much for almost 20 hours less work a week – he’s earning $11,816 a week for 28 hours compared to Holdem’s $12,780 a week for 45 hours. And since Elise earns over 6k/week (and that’s about to go up when she hits level 10 of her career, next time she goes to work) and Slapjack earns $4,200 for a measly 15 hours (he’s also about to hit level 10) even without selling most of his paintings, the Mirage family is basically rolling in cash. Gone are the days of living without walls, sinks, counters and other mod cons. In fact, I just bought the top-of-the-line 10-grand bed and the 13-grand cooker, just to be using up some of the $80,000 the family had lying around.

Parcheesi would be proud of her boys, and I’m still a little miffed my chance of bringing her back into the family as a ghost got bugged.

But life goes on, if not for Parcheesi. Slapjack just aged up to adult while his twin Ratscrew will age to Elder, because Slaps took a potion of youth and Rats didn’t. He considered it as his elderhood started to loom, but he feels he’s had a pretty full life and he’s not sure he wants to live forever, or even for that much longer. Neither does he want to have Derek hanging around as a ghost — they did get it on, ghost-style, the other night, but it was all a bit weird for Rats who seems to be fairly square despite being a super hot-shot space ranger.

Rats gardening

Gardening at night

In fact, he looks rather sad most of the time these days. He works out, gardens, explores the galaxy and hangs out with his peeps, but it seems that with his soulmate gone (who was a bit shallow and not that interesting, but who am I to judge) he’s lost most of his joie de vivre. I expect he’ll have a quiet elderhood and ask the others not to plead for his life, so he can join Derek in the great beyond.

The trips are due to age up inside the next couple of Sim-days, and they’ll probably throw a large bash — assuming the game hasn’t killed all of their non-household relationships. As it is, half the household now barely knows the other half, and socialisation efforts don’t seem to be doing much to mend what seem to be permanently-broken relationships. I don’t see how it can be anything other than a bug, because the Mirage family was actually pretty tight-knit for being so large and they do a lot of socialising with each other. Oh well.

Tune in next time for the great triplet birthday-now-get-out-and-find-your-own-place PARTAY!

Rats mourns Derek


Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Playing The Field

October 22, 2014 2 comments

One thing the Mirage boys have aplenty, it seems, is charm — even when they’re insane, apparently.

Baccarat set out for the park to meet some wimmin, and meet some he did… But because the game is doing weird things to my Sims’ relationships — mostly by resetting them to zero, even for people who have lived in the same house for years and chat with each other daily — he can’t even remember the name of the girl he liked best. Bummer.

Weighing options

Choice number two is apparently a bit older than Baccarat (which I cunningly deduced from the fact that she has three traits and so must be at least a young adult), but Bacs has always liked older women so, y’know, it’s cool. Plus she looks SO MUCH like Mom did at that age! Wait, is that weird?

just like elise

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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – And Then There Were Seven

October 21, 2014 4 comments

If this Legacy Challenge has taught me anything, it’s that playing multiple Sims isn’t as fearsome as I used to believe it was. Maybe it’s easier in Sims 4 — I’ll have to load up Sims 3 and try that out sometime — or maybe the Legacy Challenge provides enough structure (and randomness) for me to be able to handle it.

Whatever the case, after going to seven Sims upon the birth of the trips, I went one step further and brought Ratscrew’s husband Derek into the household, because why not, and incidentally picked up the 8-Sim household achievement. Yay, I guess (I’m not really getting fired up by the cheevs in the Sims…). To be honest, one reason I did it is because Derek had aged to Elder and I figured it wouldn’t be for very long — in which I was absolutely correct.

In the space of the last few playsessions, the trips aged to teens, Baccarat apparently still a bit bemused that his siblings haven’t conveniently died off. But he likes them well enough, most of the time, even if they’re clearly lesser beings.

Baccarat to teenager

I’m not entirely sure about Baccarat – so far he’s the heir I’ve liked least, though admittedly he’s only the second one. Where Holdem quite clearly took after both his parents, Baccarat seems to want to take after his mother (and perhaps Great-Aunt Solitaire, everyone did say she was batshit crazy), as his teen trait ended up being ‘Bro’ — a trait I have absolutely no idea what to do with. I’m pretty sure Elise hasn’t given a bro-hug since she joined the Mirage family, mainly because there aren’t any other bros in her life. (Speaking of which, once the household grew to 5+ people, it got really difficult taking anyone out anywhere… Maybe that’s just me.) And Baccarat just doesn’t strike me as the sports-watching, partying, beer-guzzling type; but perhaps he is, somewhere under insanity that makes up the rest of his personality. I’ll be interested to see what his adult trait will be.

His teen (and therefore adult) aspiration was fun to get though, because I’ve not tried it before: he picked up Freelance Botanist. Actually, I guess that means he’s taking after his paternal grandfather a little bit, so maybe it’s not all Mum’s family in there after all. I’ve been making really good money from selling some of the perfect fruit and veg the family’s been growing, and hopefully that will compensate for when my current breadwinners (all 4 of them above level 7 in their career) aren’t there anymore.

As for the other trips, I’m trying not to get too attached to them because I will most likely kick them out as soon as they hit college age (I still have to figure out how one does that, but do it I will). While it was interesting to play eight Sims for a while, I’m pretty keen to go back to a smaller household — too many Sims and the experience starts to feel very fragmented and scattered, even though I’m doing my best to allow them to do what they want at least some of the time. Incidentally, Poker picked up Creative and Bodybuilder as his trait/aspi combo, and Canasta got Perfectionist/Big Happy Family. I’m seeing some interesting family lines developing, and in that respect I’ll be sorry to see the younger trips go, but I really can’t be doing this 8-Sim household thing all the time.

Relief from that just came in the form of Mr. Reaper, who once again refused to listen to the Mirage family’s pleas and took Derek anyway. RIP Derek, we hardly knew you. (Well, Ratscrew knew him very well, and they did have a lovely romantic relationship while it lasted.)

Derek RIP

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EQ2 – One Isle To House Them All

October 15, 2014 9 comments

I’ve been playing EQ2 again for a couple of months, and things sure have changed in the 4 years or so since I last played. Basically I seem to play 12-18 months every 3 or 4 years, which makes EQ2 probably my most-played game in the last 10 years alongside WoW.

Many, many things have changed since I last played EQ2. We now have access to tradeskill assistants, and with the recent Grandmaster spell patch thingy (which I haven’t really read but know is important) and the impending expansion, Altar of Malice, all my crafters — which is basically all my characters bar one — are busy coaching their assistants and making minor items for them. I thought they were supposed to assist me, but whatever.

They can’t be placed in guild halls (we haz one; two, actually, if you count the guild Feiruza — previously Fairuzax after the server merge and formerly known as Fairuza — is in, but I’m the only one logging in there at the moment and can’t afford the status cost on a weekly basis). But they CAN be placed in houses, and as I discovered it doesn’t even have to be your own house, just one you’re a trustee in.

EQ2 researchers

So all my assistants are now in the prestige house I got for Toccata with the Station Cash I had left over from last time. It’s actually a prestige island, and I love it, even if I haven’t actually done anything with it other than plonk assistants down. The reason for moving them all to one location is that you can portal there straight from the guild hall, and portal straight back – which is handy for Feiruza who isn’t in the same guild.

I’m relearning the game, trying to get Feiruza to 280AA (currently at 237, I always did neglect AA) so that she can level past 90, and trying to get my new beastlord, Ysharros, to whatever crafting and adventuring levels I have time for. Most of the other alts are under level 40, but they’re all 95 in the class that matters, which is crafting. Currently I’m only missing a 95 sage (on my other account, which I haven’t resubbed, so she can’t go past 92) and a 95 jeweller (Ysharros is working on that).

I’m also playing around with tiles and stairs and generally making a mess of the alts guild hall, which still had Frostfell decorations up from 2009 until  I took them down a few days ago…

EQ2 guild hall messI haven’t even got involved in the Nights of the Dead event yet, because work and Sims 4 and WoW 6.whatever patch and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you’re in EQ2 and fancy a chat, my primaries are Feiruza, Toccata and Ysharros, all on Crushbone now (Lucan d’Lere as was…). I play mostly US-Mountain daytime, because my evenings are spent in an adapting-to-new-medications haze. Apparently getting lots of sleep is good for you – which is just as well, I’m getting 8-10 hours a night. I should be stunningly gorgeous real soon now!


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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – And Stay Dead!

October 13, 2014 2 comments

Looks like I got hit by a bug and Parcheesi won’t be coming back from the afterlife after all.

Parcheesi who?

Parcheesi who?

None of her paintings are recognised either, nor are any of Gordon’s. It’s like they never existed! So the kids can’t mourn their mom, and no family ghostie for me – at least not for the founder. Bummer.

I bet it was some secret agency thing the family isn’t cleared to know about — Holdem *is* a super-spy, after all…

In other news, insane Baccarat (the heir for Gen 3) wasn’t too happy about having siblings, though he has since come to terms with it. He only occasionally plots to murder them both. That’s him below, yelling at Elise for not smothering Poker and Canasta in their cribs.

Insane Bac does not like sibsNow I’m waiting to make enough money to do a major overhaul on the lot, which I’m sure won’t be cheap. On the bright side, the garden Gordon started is actually starting to bring in some money now. There’s a weird bug with the price of some of the plants where the value of the ones in inventory increases every time I move a fruit or veg to the fridge, and equal-quality produce can apparently be worth anything from 1 to 200 Simoleons, but I just keep the cheap ones and sell the expensive ones – they taste the same, after all.

I should be trying out the EQ2 expansion beta and logging in to WoW, but I just haven’t had the energy lately. The Sims is about as complicated as I can take right now – and I guess running multiple Sims wasn’t as hard as I feared after all.




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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – And (Don’t) Stay Dead!

October 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Well. That took maybe 24 hours. I guess you just can’t keep a good woman down.

Cheesi ghostNow I’m considering inviting her back into the family. Do ghosts have needs? Can they do the dishes? Most importantly, can they keep cooking tasty gourmet dishes for the rest of the family? (Yes, this was all in the patch notes but I have no memory of what they said.)


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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gen 1 Exit Stage Left

October 11, 2014 2 comments

Apparently Parcheesi wasn’t best buds enough with Mr. Reaper to be worth sparing when he came by for a visit…

Save her? I barely knew 'er.

Save her? I barely knew ‘er.

Parcheesi didn’t really mind. She had a very full life, mastered her career, a couple of instruments, cooking and charisma (that love of alliteration I mentioned a while back…), and got to meet all three of her first (and likely only) grand-children. I’m glad I had her take a potion though, because as far as I can tell, unless everyone procreates the second they hit Young Adult status they’re extremely unlikely to ever meet their grandkids. As an aside, Holdem took his one allowed potion at the end of Young Adult, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have Elise do the same. I don’t like these mayfly lifespans – you barely get to know your Sims before they pop their clogs!

Now Parcheesi’s interred in the family plot. I threw up something quickly at the end of the last playsession, then got to modifying the house – Holdem and Elise are moving into Mom’s rooms downstairs (but doing some serious remodeling) and the kids will share the top floor. There are now 4 full baths and 6 bedrooms on the lot, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Mirage tax bill came in at 5 grand. Especially because the family no longer benefits from Parcheesi’s “Frugal” reward-trait.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

I am VERY tempted to age up the trips but a) that’s probably cheating and b) it feels like it would be cheating. Not sure Elise would mind, though.

Tired gee ya think

Tired? Gee, ya think?!


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