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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Son of the Return of Exhaustion

September 13, 2014 Leave a comment

This Legacy Challenge has gone waaaay off the tidy, managed rails I imagined a few days ago. Gordon is still alive (I’m sort of at the “* still?! * alive” stage). Raising 3 boys is expensive, not to mention time-consuming, so it’s probably a good thing Gordo hasn’t moved on yet, but the next generation is going to see BOTH adults earning some money or else.

house grows
A typical day: the boys all get up around 6AM and eat, shower, rush through homework as appropriate before running off to school at 8AM. Gordon wakes up around 7 but that mostly depends on how badly his ageing bladder acted up during the night. Parcheesi doesn’t wake up until about 9 or 10, eats, gets cleaned up, and works on her music.
At 2PM Parcheesi goes to work. Gordon potters around in the garden and enjoys a brief moment of solitude.
At 3PM the boys come home from school, eat, play, pee, chat, do homework, eat some more, etc. Gordon, fortunately, LOVES helping with homework. Holdem is a straight-A student and it’s possible the twins might end up that way as well. Maybe.

The boys go to sleep anywhere between 7 and 11PM.
Parcheesi gets home at 9PM and if she’s lucky, she gets to interact a little with her children and her husband before they all head to bed. She then eats, works on her music a bit and goes to bed.

Rinse repeat. I’m exhausted trying to manage them all. I need to learn this giving up control thing. ;)

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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Proper Linkage

September 13, 2014 Leave a comment

I just noticed that my original link to the Legacy Challenge page is to the generic page, which doesn’t currently include an obvious link to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules, probably because those have only just been posted and are still partly in development (the trait generator in particular).

So here’s is the proper link to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge ‘Succession Laws’ page, which is where you start. It all sounds horribly complicated when you read through it (or did to me) because there appears to be so much to remember, but in fact there isn’t. Think of the rules as a menu from which you select the three basic elements of your dynasty — what gender inherits, how they’re procreated, and who qualifies first — and that’s the main decision made. The gameplay rules are simple common-sense, and required to create a vaguely even playing-field; they’re probably also the most likely things some people will choose to mess around with, which certainly doesn’t bother me. The spouse rules are simpler than they appear, in that they seem primarily designed to stop you from importing folks willy-nilly and to assure a certain randomness — like marrying someone who was 3 days from becoming an Elder, for instance.

I don’t intend to score my legacy game, because it’s the playing that interests me and I’m not bothered by whatever number of points I may end up with this time around. However, once a player has done a number of these challenges, I can see how trying to achieve a certain score would add to the complexity.

Anyway, my link is now more accurate. Go forth and Legacy! In the meantime, I’ll need to learn to play a large family (which I don’t like) composed almost entirely of men (which isn’t my usual playstyle)…

The boys

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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – The Second Hiccup

September 12, 2014 2 comments

So then THAT happened…

Babies 1_2Gordon is about to buy the farm, Parcheesi is about to reach the pinnacle of a very demanding career, and Holdem isn’t even a teenager yet.


Meet Slapjack and Ratscrew. BECAUSE.

(Parcheesi isn’t laughing, but I’m cackling like a hyena.)

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Enter Generation 2

September 12, 2014 Leave a comment

So Gordon moved into the Mirage household, bringing with him a tidy not-quite-20 grand and the attendant — and very welcome — house expansion.

Mirage house gen 1

With Elderhood just 3 Sim-days away for Gordon (and Parcheesi about to become an Adult herself) and me thinking Elders couldn’t procreate, ‘Cheesi was feeling the whisper — or rather loud wailing — of her biological clock. Fortunately it didn’t take long to get pregnant (and the toilet-click pregnancy tests are an amusing touch), and then in one of those typically-Sims moments, everything sort of happened at once.

Gordon officially got OLD, and had to have a birthday party to mark the occasion. By that time Parcheesi was heavily pregnant. Just as the last birthday guest went home, the game told me it was about time I aged up Parcheesi… and just as she was eating her slice of home-made cake the next morning (no party for her, and the game wouldn’t let me age her up on the same day as her spouse, or something), she went into labour.

Gordo gets old

Babyhood is a lot simpler in Sims 4 than it used to be. Babies are currently tied to their crib, and the crib offers all the available interactions — from bottle- or breast-feeding to diaper-changing, rocking and other coochie-coos. It’s not ideal but it’s simple and for now it is what it is. It’s the transition from baby-in-crib to fully-formed 5-year-old I found the most jarring, because no toddlers in Sims 4 (along with no swimming, as has been amply whined about elsewhere).

In fact, here’s a picture of young Holdem Mirage doing that fully-formed leap, and Gordo looking justifiably creeped-out.

kaboomLife went smoothly for a bit after that. Everyone is healthy and actually really happy (not sure how I’m doing it, but everyone is pretty content in the Mirage household), apart from the occasional heart-attack scare when Gordon insists on going out for a jog only to realise that he’s not as young as he used to be (which the game translates as an extremely uncomfortable OMGAMIDYING? moodlet). Gordon remains jobless by choice, spending his days gardening, raising Holdem, painting (a new hobby) and mixing the occasional Salty Llama.

The new addition, Holdem, is a good kid. The random generator gave Holdem the “Gloomy” trait and the “Artistic Prodigy” aspiration, which I though was pretty fun. I don’t know how the child of two Good (and permanently cheerful) parents got “Gloomy”, but it immediately set him apart with his own budding personality; and the Artistic Prodigy aspiration was perfectly in line with a Concert Pianist mother and an amateur painter father. Even then, Holdem’s gloom has a had time expressing itself, and he spends most of his time totally happy too. The only thing that worries me is that he has no visible child friends – presumably he has some in school, but he’s never been to the park and therefore has never actually met any children while being actively played. So a visit to the park is on the cards, provided Mom can get the day off and Dad doesn’t pop his clogs.

Holdem's only non-adult friend

Holdem’s only non-adult friend

Which isn’t a remote possibility. The game keeps telling me Gordon’s days are numbered and he’d better have his affairs in order, so I’m guessing it will be soon. I know Parcheesi will plead for her beloved’s life when the Reaper comes calling… IF she’s at home. Her work schedule is tough right now. Most careers have you working only 3 or 4 days a week by the time you hit level 9, but she’s still pulling 7-hour shifts 5 days a week — and to make matters worse, the rapid promotions screwed her work schedule up so badly that she only had 2 days off in the space of 3 game weeks. Parcheesi is getting a bit frazzled, I can tell you.

Pregnant again

“I thought you said you were too old for this to happen!”

And it’s not about to end. Because the “Try for baby…” option was still available on the bed, and wanting to see if it was a bug or a real possibility, Parcheesi decided to seduce Gordon (not a difficult feat) and sure enough, she got pregnant.

And that’s where I left the Mirage family. I’m waiting to be able to get in a good long play-session for the next installment, because I know Holdem is about to get a brother or sister and Gordon is likely to die. But so far, so good. It’s not the story I thought I would tell when I started Parcheesi, but it’s not entirely unexpected either. I did say she was driven, and basically work is most of her life — she loves her child and her husband, but her true love is music; and that’s only likely to become more the case when Gordon dies… but then, who will take care of the kids while Cheesi is at work? What new trait will Holden acquire when he ages up in 10 or so days?

The Legacy Challenge has definitely been entertaining so far, and it provides a unifying framework for the storytelling part of playing a Sims game. With a good ‘reason’ to play more than one Sim, I’m finding it less difficult than I used to, though I’ll admit I haven’t really left the home lot since the first child was born because every member of the family has so many things they’d like to do, but you can only play one at a time if you move them to different locations. That’s definitely a downside with the new Sims.

Actually, I’m aiming to do a sort-of review post within a few days. There are good differences and less-good differences from Sims 3 that might bear a closer look.



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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Go Forth And Procreate!

September 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Despite his hound-dog tendencies, Gordon and Parcheesi are clearly meant to be soul-mates — the game says so! Having asked Gordon to move in and ascertained his age, social status and bank account health, Parcheesi wasted no time in proposing…

Well, Gordon? Time's a-wastin'!

Well, Gordon? Time’s a-wastin’!

then eloping…

Let's get this show on the road!

Let’s get this show on the road!

and then trying for that all-important baby, all in the space of a single afternoon. (Granted, Gordon’s been her boyfriend since about day 6. They were taking it slow! Until it got to be time to hurry the f*** up!)

Bunny slippers, Gordon? Srsly?

Bunny slippers, Gordon? Srsly?

Great-Aunt Solitaire wasn’t joking when she said the estate would be forfeit without an heir, and Parcheesi does not relish being evicted again. It would set her career back by at least a week and that’s just not acceptable.






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Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – The First Hiccup

September 11, 2014 5 comments

Gordon_makin_a_moveTurns out it may have taken Parcheesi a little too long to get together with Gordon Vigil, her beau, *and* that he may have been better on paper than in person. Let me count the ways:

- First off, he’s a bit of a hound-dog. His aspiration is Serial Romantic (dammit, it could so easily have been Soulmate…) and ‘Cheesi isn’t his only girlfriend. I did wonder when her first woohoo definitely wasn’t his first (the game tells you).

- Secondly, he’s an adult with only 3 days to go before Elder status and the sudden loss of the ability to procreate. Argh! But he looks so young! Oh well, good genes — if she can get ‘em. Great genes, in fact, as they have a lot in common: they’re both Good and Creative, and he’s Active to boot (which may explain his youthful looks, come to think of it). Plus he has a level 8 mixology skill, which is pretty bitchin!

I can’t change his aspiration because it’s against the rules, so Parcheesi will have to keep a close eye on her husband. Oh wait, she’ll have to propose and get married before he even becomes her husband, and THEN work on getting pregnant as quickly as possible.

Note that the rules don’t specifically state that parents have to be married, but they’re called ‘spouses’ throughout and there seems to be an assumption of wedlock, so I’ll follow it. At least she invited him to move in and he accepted, so things can move rapidly now.

Parcheesi remains driven to reach the pinnacle of her profession. She’s at level 7 of her Entertainer career; the promotions have slowed down a little now that the criteria have become a more difficult to achieve, but she anticipates getting promoted in the next few days. She *didn’t* anticipate having to get pregnant before becoming a musical icon, but I’ve decided that it’s a provision of Great-Aunt Solitaire’s will; I think it might be illegal to direct one’s heirs’ lives beyond the immediately inheriting generation, but laws are different in Simlandia.

I don’t think she cares much about her surroundings, though apparently she prefers modern decor, which means I can’t purchase the decent stove that’s currently available to her budget because it looks old-fashioned and she just wouldn’t like that in her home. So, while I wait to be able to afford the near-$4000 stove, Parcheesi is subsisting on (rather excellent) garden salads. It seems to be preserving her waistline, so that’s not a bad thing – unlike some of my other recent Sims, she’s not having to spend a day at the gym every week.

Perhaps the stress keeps her skinny…

I’m not sure yet whether Gordon will remain an appendage or be more fleshed out, but his personality seems to be emerging whether I want it to or not. He fancies himself a bit of a Clark Gable, but Parcheesi *is* his only soulmate so perhaps he’ll be content to flirt and not act. I also have a suspicion he would love to be a stay-at-home dad, especially since it’s a bit late in life to start a career. Hell, with the money he’s bringing in, maybe he already *had* a career as a bartender and he’s living off his savings. I suspect he’s a generous enough spirit (he is Good, after all) to be perfectly happy to support his wife’s ambition.



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Sims 4 – The Happenin’ Place

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment

I first saw this on Pinstar‘s Legacy Challenge stream the other day (link is to the YouTube upload), but it seems that in Willow Creek, the museum bathrooms are THE place to be in town.

Last I saw he’d screenshotted 8 people in the bathroom – I managed to get 9, though one of them is a child. I say ‘managed’, but in fact I had nothing to do with it; Parcheesi showed up at the museum with a handful of friends and friends-to-be (she hopes), and by the time she got inside this was where everyone was.

Hangin in the john

Click to enlarge

Today we’re aiming to get 7 friends (she has 4 right now) and some piano practice so that we can get promoted to level 7 musician. I’ll admit, I miss my fave EVER lifetime points reward from Sims 3, which was Long-Distance Friend. I used it literally with every single character, because I felt the burden of maintaining friendships in Sims 3 was unreasonably high without it — and Sims 4 is the same. I enjoy socialising in Sims 4, but it shouldn’t be something I have to plan for during every single waking moment (without taking the Loner trait, that is).

Sadly I have no other entertaining stories yet. Parcheesi is so incredibly driven to become famous that even her socialising has an agenda (promotion). Perhaps that will change when she reaches her goal… or perhaps she’ll become just one more burned-out B-list rock star.

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