A very merry un-blogday

Whoops. The actual blog ‘birthday’ was a month ago, August 13th. I noted that it was coming up a couple of days before the day itself and meant to do a long and involved post, but in the end Real Life took over and… I didn’t.

TAGN sort of reminded me the other day, because his blog-birthdays can’t be counted on the fingers of one fingerless hand and he posts regularly – more than Syp at the moment, and that’s saying something!

Happy belated also to Harbinger Zero, who I’m pretty sure has almost the same anniversary as me, since we both started blogging through the crazy CoW crew (should that have Ks in it to make it more hip?).

So anyway, I started this blog 4 years ago in honour of Warhammer Online. I’d be happier doing a HBD post-type thing if I’d actually posted much of anything in the last year and a half, but I haven’t and it feels sort of like cheating to claim a blogging year when you didn’t do any blogging.

Nevertheless, I’m not gone yet, this blog isn’t quite dead yet, and I’ve resumed posting, albeit sporadically and without a great deal of content. Thanks to those of you who have stopped by in the last fingers-but-no-thumb set of years.

Jiggety jig

No fat pig bought, but a busy 10 days spent in France both to sort out the usual sorty-outy stuff following my dad’s death and to catch up with my step-mother (who had to be there for the same reasons). And yes, we did go to the market; French markets are ace. Much bread, cheese & meat was bought, along with giganormous bouquets of whatever the hell flowers are seasonal – I don’t garden, but most of them were purple and orange – and some hand-made soaps for gifts to people here which had every single security check between Blois and Albuquerque (3 to be exact) examining my carryon for explosive residue. Oops.

It’s amazing how much you have to run around in France just to get the most basic things done; the only thing we’re even marginally efficient about is food, and even that takes time if it’s to be done right and properly enjoyed. I also managed to forget that in August, EVERYONE in France goes on holiday, or vacation as you Americans like to call it. Offices run on skeleton staffs when they don’t just close outright for 2 weeks, people don’t want to give you appointments (too many Facebook updates to catch up with then they do make it back to the office), and overall somehow WE were the inconsiderate ones for needing to do annoying stuff like, you know, let various entities know that there had been a death in the family and all the other stuff that comes with it. Dad, being French himself, really ought to have had better timing.

Nothing happened that warrants posting in what is still mostly a gaming blog, apart from a much-delayed flight back to the US (5 bloody hours) and further delays on connecting flights once I was got there. I am now officially too old to be awake 26 hours in a row – granted, I dozed in various planes, but in some cases (and yesterday was one of them) that dozing only seems to end up making you feel even more tired.

Currently the proud owner of a juniper-offended nose (welcome-home allergies for the metaphorically-challenged) and 2 perfectly poached eyeballs. Someone pass the Hollandaise sauce and some Canadian bacon.

Normal service may or may not resume next week. I haven’t played anything (even Freecell) in the last couple of weeks and the GW2 launch happened while I was sitting in the Charles-de-Gaulle airport lounge trying to convince United Airlines people that mere hydraulic & pressure issues shouldn’t prevent our plane from flying 5000 miles. Initial reports on GW2 seem pretty favourable so far – going only by FB and twitter and whatnot. My RSS feed too can wait another day.

EDIT: Oooh and WordPress’ quote for the day when I posted, which needs to be reproduced here because I’m so concise and to the point. Always. Yep, that’s me. Shorter is better. More matter, less art. Anyway:

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

Thought for the day

To all you other bloggers out there — do your older posts seem a whole lot more interesting than what you’re writing now? Because I scanned through a few old entries (no reason, just passing some time) and that’s how it seems to me.

I used to actually have something to say about games, the universe and everything. Now, not so much.

Of course, 50+ hour work weeks might be cramping my style.

Or maybe I’m just nostalgic today. One random thing that did occur to me last night is that “long ago” doesn’t seem nearly as long ago when you get older. When you’re 5, 3 weeks is prehistory and 10 years ago means nothing. When you’re 15, you can just about grasp 5 years ago but 20-30 seems like another epoch. For me, now that I’m past my second score of years, 50 or 100 years ago doesn’t seem as distant as it used to.

Eh, maybe it’s not as interesting a thought as it seemed. At 1AM when you can’t sleep, everything seems profound.

Blogstuff – Search Engine Terms

Every now and then I look at the search engine terms people use to get to my blog, and some of them are priceless, so I’ve decided to keep track of them. Yes, I stole this idea off someone though I can’t recall who. I’m thinking maybe TAGN? Anyway it’s an homage, not outright plagiarism.

(And then I found the handy-dandy link that lets you see all the search terms for your blog, evar. If you don’t hear from me inside 2 weeks, someone come rescue me.)

In no particular order:

  • great old ones (my fave, with about 7 different entries including THE great old ones, lovecraft, cthulhu great old ones, etc.)
  • ysharros (no shock there)
  • boss don’t ever leave me in charge again
  • ack i’ve gone to look for myself
  • getting old
  • surprise cannibalism (this is a pretty high-up result. I’m wondering what I ever wrote to lead to this… mmmm BRAINZZZZZ)
  • thoughtless people suck (my mantra!)
  • do want (my other mantra)
  • marmite (4th all-time search term leading here. That’s several thousand irritated searchers…)
  • hungover
  • captain hindsight
  • group hug
  • persistence of time
  • nothing
  • very tired
  • صور خيالية  (if you can read this, do let me know what it says – according to Google translate, it’s “fantasy”. I’m disappointed)
  • kindness (awww)
  • internet addict (shaddap!)
  • katana woman (I am slicey, hear me rawr!)
  • The Beatles’ Happy Birthday (only about a million times… I guess I used a picture?)
  • no
  • not tonight Josephine
  • various Iain M Banks & Culture search variants (from a single post, years ago, IIRC)
  • animaux cute (Well ‘ello my British chums!)
  • stop posting shit

Guess I’d better follow that last piece of advice…

Too much smiling in the cube

I should have seen the warning signs – except there weren’t any. Just a request email on Monday night from an old client, one who pays his invoices on time, which makes him something of a star in my book. And suddenly I’m going to be translating somewhere around 25,000 words this week – means nothing to most people, but it’s a lot.

I don’t have a boss, but I’m sure Sod was out there looking after me.

This \/ is me this week.

If you’re playing TSW or GW2, I hate you.

July 2012 Foofery

So, I did some long-overdue pruning of the blogroll. I removed whatever blogs had been officially shut down or were showing entirely in Sanskrit, updated whatever blogs had moved elsewhere, kept a few for nostalgia’s sake, added a couple.

If you should be on there and aren’t, it’s because I’m an elitist cliqueish bitch. Post or mail me and I’ll boot up Nice Ysh 2.0 and (re)add you.

And now a cute animal picture to fill out the required space. Nice Ysh 2.0 must be online.

(EDIT – did I mention I added a TSW Links page? Well, I did. Suggestions for additions welcome.)

The Secret World – launch & early access

Per the forums:

The Secret World will launch on July 3rd. Everyone who has pre-ordered the game will however get access four days earlier on June 29th. Anyone with a pre-order will be able to get into the game at 16:00 GMT (18:00 CEST, noon EDT, 9am PDT). Players who placed their pre-orders early and anyone with the Grand Master Pack will get access on June 29th even earlier.

Every account eligible for Early Access will receive an e-mail at the time when the account is opened up for access so make sure you check your e-mails frequently on June 29th.

Available dimensions (servers) at launch, subject to change though it’s probably getting late for that:

Dimensions are global and you can play anywhere you want without any regional restrictions. We’ve marked some dimensions as French- and German-speaking, and though you can still play the English language version of the game on those dimensions, people will probably be chatting and communicating in French or German.

Here is the list of the first five English dimensions, along with the first two French-and-German dimensions:

* Cerberus
* Daemon
* Arcadia (RP dimension)
* Grim
* Huldra
* Drac (French dimension)
* Kobold (German dimension)

For what it’s worth, I will likely be on Grim at least to begin with, since my long-time tribe-guild-gestalt-thingy is planning to start there. The rationale is to find a popular server (anyone who played TOR knows what empty servers look like a few months after launch) but not THE most popular server.

Counting only the non-RP, English language servers, my guesstimate as far as that goes is that Daemon will instantly be the most popular, followed by Grim/Cerberus (can’t quite decide which weighs more), then Huldra because nobody knows what one is and won’t be able to remember the name. The only way a server could be more popular than Daemon would be if it were called Boobies.

This is assuming I can find time to play on early access! I’ve got a bunch of things to do tomorrow and for some reason all these people keep wanting me to do work for them (the cheek!)… but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to hop in. I’m also planning to take screenshots and maybe even cobble together a review at some point, but I’m wary of promising stuff I may not have the energy to deliver.

In any case, to those of you who have preordered or will be playing at some point, I hope to see you in-game! Depending on the number of char slots we get across the servers, I may be able to make alts just to hop in and say “Ohai!” to people – because you all know how much I hate making alts. Or I could just use the handy-dandy cross-server chat that Winged Nazgul just mentioned in the comments… D’oh!