Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – RIP Gordon

It had to happen sometime.

But first, Holdem almost burned down the house and Parcheesi wasn’t impressed. I still haven’t been able to replace the 4000 Simoleon stove, so the family is eating a lot of salads and fruit parfaits at the moment.

Holdem cooking

Moms not happy

Dude, WTF?!

And then, just as the kids were leaving for school a couple of days later, Gordon decided it was time to go to the great garden centre in the sky. Parcheesi pleaded to no avail.

Gordon RIPParcheesi pleading Being a pragmatic sort, Parcheesi decided it couldn’t hurt to get to know Mr. Reaper a little better. Might make her own passing easier, and she’s only a couple of days off becoming an Elder herself…

Chattin with the Reaper

So what’s it like being the Grim Reaper? Is there a Mrs. Reaper?

Like I said, the next generation will include at least two breadwinners. Seems to me that appliances in Sims 4 break ALL THE TIME, but perhaps that’s because I’ve got 5 people in the house using two bathrooms; still, it seems like I’m constantly replacing stuff. I *could* repair it, and I’ve started to do that, because replacing gets expensive. My biggest gripe at the moment is the stereo: it sits in the living room, every Sim that walks past it turns it on, but nobody ever turns it off… so it runs all night and breaks every second day.

Anyway, there will be more earning next gen. Holdem is already sizing up young women in the hopes of finding a mate. Or maybe he’s just 16.


Hype? What hype?

The Destiny hype went entirely over my head (though apparently I wasn’t the only one), but in the last few days my G+ list has been going bonkers with people enthusing about it. (People have also been enthusing about ArcheAge and I’ve been good and kept my mouth shut. Just because *I* burned out terribly in Alpha and have not-very-kind opinions about the land ownership system doesn’t mean I should bitch and moan about it on a public for– err… )

Anyway, Destiny.

Should I get it?

I don’t know if I’m into shooters much because I’ve never actually played one for any length of time, which would indicate that I probably am not. But the screenshots and comments concerning Destiny are rather enticing, and we do have a PS3. (It is out for PS3, right? Must be. I’m not buying a new console just for one game.)

We have the first three installments of Mass Effect for the PS3 and I’ve never managed to load that up even once. Mort played it a couple of times and then didn’t go back to it, although he said he was having fun at the time.

Maybe we’re just not really console people. Part of my problem is that my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and since I don’t currently have any glasses I can’t see any of the smaller text in the games we play on the console. At least I can lean in to my PC monitor and see what’s being written, which isn’t an option when the sofa is miles away from the TV. (Yes, I have contact lenses. No I don’t wear them much. Long story. Boring.) So perhaps if I could see the reams of lore that Mort was accruing every time he looked at something in Mass Effect, I would have been more sucked in. At any rate it looked as though there was a lot going on and not a lot of it involved shooting people, which is sort of my main gripe against shooters. That and the first-person thing, which I really hate.

So maybe I shouldn’t get Destiny. I’m probably not the target demographic.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gen 2

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play lately, but today I’m getting the chance to catch up.finally a tv

In brief:

- Gordon is STILL alive. Part of me almost wishes he’d pop his clogs already so I can have one less person to control. That said, Gordon is by far the least-complicated Sim in the Mirage family — he has no job, I don’t plan on fulfilling his aspiration (which I hope isn’t cheating-by-giving-up), and he’s easily kept happy with gardening, painting and his family. Could be worse. Gordon’s been wanting a TV for ages, and I finally emptied the family coffers today and bought one. Everyone is happy.

- Holdem aged up to teenager. Not sure why his hair is grey, unless it’s just the buzz-cut. He’s now a High School student and has to work his way back up the grades list by starting with THREE lots of extra credit homework, which he thinks is super unfair. His randomly-acquired trait and aspiration are Creative (no great surprise there) and Friend of the World, which should be interesting. It’ll probably teach me to stop panicking about splitting up my Sims.

ask about woohoo- Slapjack and Ratscrew continue to be good kids, and I feel minorly guilty about how I named them. The shot above shows them playing pirate at the park while Holdem ponders asking Mrs. Goth about the birds and the bees. That conversation was amusing to watch, and I’m pretty sure Bella had a Mrs. Robinson moment, especially given that Holdem apparently went to the park in his PJs. I only just noticed that…

Holdem got a level or two in his childhood aspiration but that got replaced by an adult one when he became a teen, and the two younger kids have only just completed the first part of theirs. Since lifespans are so short at normal speed, I don’t see how any kid can get their aspirations done before they age to teens unless it’s ALL they do — which is impossible, because going to school, eating, homework and all the other normal parts of life take up quite a lot of the day.

Anyway, I’m getting less tense about having so many Sims to control. Oddly enough the males in the family are taking up most of my playing time. Parcheesi is easy to run, because all she really cares about is her music. Hopefully the next family leader will be a little less obsessive — which should be Holdem unless he dies somehow (and I don’t think the game has death except by old age at the moment?).

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Son of the Return of Exhaustion

This Legacy Challenge has gone waaaay off the tidy, managed rails I imagined a few days ago. Gordon is still alive (I’m sort of at the “* still?! * alive” stage). Raising 3 boys is expensive, not to mention time-consuming, so it’s probably a good thing Gordo hasn’t moved on yet, but the next generation is going to see BOTH adults earning some money or else.

house grows
A typical day: the boys all get up around 6AM and eat, shower, rush through homework as appropriate before running off to school at 8AM. Gordon wakes up around 7 but that mostly depends on how badly his ageing bladder acted up during the night. Parcheesi doesn’t wake up until about 9 or 10, eats, gets cleaned up, and works on her music.
At 2PM Parcheesi goes to work. Gordon potters around in the garden and enjoys a brief moment of solitude.
At 3PM the boys come home from school, eat, play, pee, chat, do homework, eat some more, etc. Gordon, fortunately, LOVES helping with homework. Holdem is a straight-A student and it’s possible the twins might end up that way as well. Maybe.

The boys go to sleep anywhere between 7 and 11PM.
Parcheesi gets home at 9PM and if she’s lucky, she gets to interact a little with her children and her husband before they all head to bed. She then eats, works on her music a bit and goes to bed.

Rinse repeat. I’m exhausted trying to manage them all. I need to learn this giving up control thing. ;)

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Proper Linkage

I just noticed that my original link to the Legacy Challenge page is to the generic page, which doesn’t currently include an obvious link to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules, probably because those have only just been posted and are still partly in development (the trait generator in particular).

So here’s is the proper link to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge ‘Succession Laws’ page, which is where you start. It all sounds horribly complicated when you read through it (or did to me) because there appears to be so much to remember, but in fact there isn’t. Think of the rules as a menu from which you select the three basic elements of your dynasty — what gender inherits, how they’re procreated, and who qualifies first — and that’s the main decision made. The gameplay rules are simple common-sense, and required to create a vaguely even playing-field; they’re probably also the most likely things some people will choose to mess around with, which certainly doesn’t bother me. The spouse rules are simpler than they appear, in that they seem primarily designed to stop you from importing folks willy-nilly and to assure a certain randomness — like marrying someone who was 3 days from becoming an Elder, for instance.

I don’t intend to score my legacy game, because it’s the playing that interests me and I’m not bothered by whatever number of points I may end up with this time around. However, once a player has done a number of these challenges, I can see how trying to achieve a certain score would add to the complexity.

Anyway, my link is now more accurate. Go forth and Legacy! In the meantime, I’ll need to learn to play a large family (which I don’t like) composed almost entirely of men (which isn’t my usual playstyle)…

The boys