Come be a WoW-CoW

wowcowBoom chicken CoW-WoW, as they say. (Somewhere. I’m sure they say that somewhere.) Subtitle: because the world needs another guild recruitment post.

However, in case any of you are looking for a home, or a new home, in Warcraft, here’s the skinny.

Casualties of WAR were formed last year shortly before the WAR launch, as a “by and for bloggers” effort, and have expanded into Warcraft. You absolutely don’t have to be a blogger to join, though you may want to be careful, the blogging thing seems to be contagious. I wasn’t a blogger (LJ doesn’t count) and look at me now.

Games have come and gone, but our ambitions have not. Our lives have changed. Where ten hours /played was once just a start, it is now our entire week. As guilds progressed, we blogged. As new dungeons rolled down the line, our sick dog forced us to sit idly by. As our children slept, we played. We now come forth, like-minded and joined. We are the Casualties. (Genda)

We’re on the Rexxar server. The idea for CoW-WoW, where most of us are second-time-arounders in Warcraft, is to stop and smell the roses. We’re not rushing to level. There’s no obligation to log on and when you do, there’s no obligation to do anything in particular. Plenty of us are solitary explorer types, but just as many are more group-oriented and would love a few other folks to do mall dungeon runs with or for long walks on the beach killing naga. Even if you start over you won’t be far behind most, and probably not for long at the rate one can level in WoW these days. We hold CoW-Altohlics meetings every Wednesday evening.

Let me reiterate: we’re casual. We’re mostly NOT level 80 yet. We’re not waiting around to do instances. The above paragraph isn’t the standard blurb that turns out to be bullshit when you actually join the guild. Ca-zu-al, that’s us. If that doesn’t appeal, or if you’re going to get mad because there aren’t instance groups running 24/7, there are plenty of guilds out there who do cater to that playstyle.

Here’s a post telling you how to apply. Read it and, ya know, understand; it’s not difficult, though it does require folks to be able to string together a couple of sentences or three. In a guild founded by bloggers? Perish the thought.

Here’s the forum where you actually apply. Start a thread, do yer thing. If the gods deem you worthy ($10 PayPal donations really help here*), your original pallid white forum name will mutate to orange and you’ll be CoWed for good.

As a social network, you can’t beat Casualties of WAR. As a harcore raiding guild — yeah ok, we won’t be getting the oscar on that this year. Or probably next year.

I’m an ESAK and an altoholic and I approve this post.

* That’s a joke. Really. Must… not…. insert…. link….

Rolling stone…

Not the Mick Jagger kind, the Papa was kind. Casualties of WAR, along with most (all?) of the Redemption alliance we’re part of, have moved from Averheim to Badlands.

The transfer announcement yesterday shocked quite a few WAR folks, seeing as Averheim wasn’t exactly tumbleweed city, but apparently Mythic are trying to munge (technical term) some med/med servers into others and thereby create, if not purest green, at least some higher/higher pop servers. It’s a little stressful, especially for the folks who just recently moved to Averheim and now have to move again, but it’ll probably pay off in the long run.

I lost a couple of names, which wasn’t a huge shock. I did find it odd that Amariel was taken, but for all I know it’s a really common name; it popped into my head in Beta when I made my first Archmage, and just stuck. Since I don’t use the same names for every game I play, the only one that would have been a real wrench would have been to find “Ysharros” in use. That’s only happened to me once so far, so non-fame has its benefits.

I’m not going to rant or rave about this. Population balances are hard to call at the best of times, MMO launches are rockier than ever, and I seem to be one of the few people who remembers how we howled for more servers at head-start and then at launch. We got what we asked for, and apparently we shouldn’t have.

Stuff happens. I may have been off my WAR feed lately, but I do want the game to do well. I want every MMO to do well since it’ll broaden the options for games coming down the line, but aside from that I do want WAR to succeed because I think it has a fair bit of long-term potential. The trouble these days seems to be surviving long enough to reach that potential. We’ll see.

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers. Be safe, be nice, be gluttonous. See you on the other side.

Auntie Moo wants YOU!


Casualties of WAR is reopening recruitment to more than just friends and family. Here’s the announcement. CoW is on AVERHEIM on Order side and MONOLITH on Destruction side. We’re smaller than we were at launch, but committed (or should be, boom-tish) to WAR and casual gaming in general. Most of us have more desire than time to play, so when we do get to play we want to be able to do it with smart, articulate, and generally fun people.

That’s why there’s an application process. “Lemme in gild kthxbai” won’t get you in. We’re not asking you to write Ulysses in your app, but a few sentences about who you are and what you like to do isn’t going to make your fingers fall off, so get typing. Also, we have pie. Or is it cake? Might be cookies. I forget.

Also, Real Soon Now (TM) Casualties will expand its presence to other games. More info when there’s more to be passed on.

Change on the changes that change the changing thing

There’s no way you only read this blog, so you already know about 1.0.5 patchy largesse for WAR. If you don’t, here’s the link to the Herald Post where you can reeeead allllll abouuuuut it.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that people clamour for patches. When they get them, they gasp in horror and fall over while frothing at the mouth about how that patch wasn’t what they wanted. Often, they add a diatribe about how the OTHER class got everything they wanted despite being horribly OP already, etc etc etc. Ad bloody nauseam.

(Just like with launch servers. We gasped at how few there were and at the queues. Now, we’re lambasting Mythic for having too many launch servers. The blogosphere has NO sense of personal irony, and apparently not much of a memory either.)

I’m going to wait till I experience this buff/debuff thing for myself before I comment, because quite often what seems awful on paper turns out to be a good thing for the game, if not necessarily for my characters. Some of the more generic changes — like Morale abilities actually firing when used — are obviously good, provided they work. We shall see.

Meantime, I’m going to pimp my CoW buddy Rackham and his latest post/strip. The man has talent! He’s making us a CoW-Order side wallpaper, and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

TGIF, at least for those of you in jobs that recognise weekends. Me, I’m likely to be slaving at the computer all weekend and *not* by handing shammies their nasty little green backsides.

Casualties of WAR recruitment reopens

I shouldn’t bother with any text and shock the lot of you who expect 12,000 words. Far be it from me, however, to disappoint.

Casualties of WAR has reopened recruitment now that launch month is over and done with. We’re a pretty active guild with branches on both Destruction (Thorgrim server, though we will be moving once transfers open) and Order (Averheim).

The Guild Charter is here; please read it if you intend to apply. There are application guidelines also, and they are there for a reason. “I wunt to join ur guild cuz I is cool” only works if a) you’re an Orc in real life and b) you append more meaningful info. CoW was started by bloggers, and while not everyone is a blogger there it does have a lot of smart, articulate and funny people, so we want to know whether you can string words into coherent sentences.

Couple of caveats: CoW isn’t a very hardcore guild. We care about RvR and whatnot, but RL obligations come first and nobody is being made to give out their phone numbers for 3AM keep defense calls. If that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of high-quality hardcore guilds around, and places like the Warhammer Alliance forums can help you find them.

Secondly, this recruiting phase is friends, family and recommendations only. This is partly to help the friends & family who missed out on the last recruitment phase, and partly to make sure that we have at least some acquaintance with the people applying. Reading this blog is probably not a valid qualification, though if I’ve interacted with you (here or elsewhere, especially in game) then you’ll probably get the Yshy Seal of Approval(TM).

Casualties of WAR – class photo, October 2008

Okay so it’s not the whole class, but herding 26 people and getting everyone to stand still long enough for the screenshot was hard enough. I tried keeping the names on, but that was just a mess of illegible text.

Casualties of WAR might be recruiting again at some point in the not-too-distant future. I’ll keep you posted. While most games can quite happily be soloed these days, being in CoW has reminded me of the best thing in online games: other people. Not living in your pocket all the time or forcing you to go on raids every evening (yech – I never did understand that) — just people of a like mind who are about in the game when you are. It’s great.

There’s a 1920×1200 version of the caption pic here. The one below is scrunched.

We’re mildly miffed and we won’t take this anymore!

Averheim Order guilds are banding together to declare that we’re not going to be Destruction’s speedbumps as they roll past our corpses to Altdorf. Well, they may still do that, but at least there WILL be speedbumps.

We are Order, hear us roar!

There were rumblings of an attack on Altdorf on Tuesday, and I took Ysh (R20) over there to see if there was anything I could do. For one thing, T4 zones are pretty confusing if you’ve never seen them before, but the easy way to get to them is to head out of Altdorf’s southern gate. That’ll take you to Reikwald, which can in turn take you to Reikland. (I assume the similarity in names is a cunning attempt to confuse Destruction by the old WWII trick of moving road signposts around. It seems to also work on us, which might be a minor flaw in said cunning plan.)

However, and I say this for everyone else who’s been confused to hear that Altdorf is under attack — We’re all doomed — doooomed, I tell ye! — without knowing if there was anything at all they could do. There is. If nothing else, you can head to Reikwald or Reikland, depending where the fighting is, and man the battlements there. Granted, if you’re a tank that may not help a lot but I think *any* resistance is better than none, and although lower level chars won’t stop the opposition for long, they might buy a little time all the same. Besides, even R20s can man siege/defense weaponry and pour boiling oil onto those nasty nasty witch elves.

Once the Tuesday stuff moved to check on a couple of the other T4 keeps I got horribly lost. The pairing map seems to indicate that riding east out of BlackFire Pass would take me to Kadrin Valley and thence to Stonewatch (where a keep was apparently under attack), but instead I ended up in Black Crag, which had me all confused. In any case, Stonewatch was apparently safe and the “attack” (more like a foray, I think) on Altdorf fizzled out.

Still. We’re much too civilised to be mad as hell, but we are rather miffed that you, Destruction, thinks Altdorf is your pharming phat lewtz byotch, and we’re going to at least stand in your way looking really stern. You have been warned!