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EQ2 – Life of the Party

September 21, 2014 1 comment

He’s a bit of a stiff…

funny orc


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Dailies and dragons and pandas, oh my

October 31, 2012 1 comment

Prescriptum: I was going to write this at the end of the post, but as usual I’m rambling far too much and I’m adding pictures and this post is going to be a mile long before I’m done. So: I’d like to thank the folks who have been mailing me in support of this blog. I’m eternally surprised that people read this not just out of bloggerly solidarity but out of – apparently – interest and for entertainment. Personally, I think my post quality has gone down the drain in the last couple of years, but I’m hoping the doldrums will pass and at some point I won’t mind revisiting some of the more interesting discussions & themes out there. In the meantime, thanks for reading and most of all thanks for writing to let me know you’re reading – it’s not essential, but it’s very nice to receive.

TL;DR - No time to play, waah. Pandaclysm kinda cool. Where’s my hatchling? Dailies dailies everywhere and not a drop to drink. Move along now.

My gaming time has been somewhat limited these last few months – okay, for most of this year actually – with the occasional glutton-day interspersed with weeks of not logging into anything much. Which is a shame, because there are several games out there I could, would, should and want to enjoy. Two of them are even “free”, more or less – TSW and GW2 – but when there’s no time, there’s just no time. Read more…


September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

I always love finding references to other things – movies, books, in this case other MMOs – in games. This one made me laugh out loud.

What’s the GW2 equivalent of Men in Black Vans?

King of the road

July 24, 2012 4 comments

I haven’t had much time to play anything in the last week and a half.

For some reason, a particular game demanded to come back out of the closet and that’s what I’ve been putzing around with when I have the odd half-hour before bed. There are times when I’m too tired to chop up zombies.

Bet you can’t guess which game it is.

Gah. Now I’ve given myself REM’s eponymous cover version as an ear worm. I guess there’s worse ear-worms to have.

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The Screenshot of Ultimate Evil

July 18, 2012 2 comments

…okay, not really.

But I did notice just now that my media folder here on WordPress contains 666 images. Given that I’m playing The Secret World right now, that seemed a little ominous (geddit?).

So here’s upload 667. Whew. Maybe that creepy child will get out of my office closet now.

Do not suffer a witch to live

Do not suffer a witch to live. Poor lady. Great quest (even if bugged).

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TSW – Tell me, have you seen…

July 17, 2012 4 comments

I could really batter a piece of cod right about now.

More screenshots added here for those who like other people’s holiday snaps.

In other news, trained swords on Sunday and was suddenly much happier with my char. I think the problem has to do with the fact that I couldn’t find the #&*^@*% fist-AoE builder – I’m sure there is one, or there used to be in beta, but I played through almost 50 skill points without a single bloody AOE (not counting the 20-second cooldown one) and it wasn’t fun.

Actually, maybe I just wanted to go back to having a sword. I like swords, even though my newest one makes a drudge board look good. The plan was to also train Assault Rifles just to see how that works with Blades, but at the moment I’m enjoying my Blade/Blood combo so I haven’t put anything into AR yet. Time enough… whenever.

The Secret World – couple screenies

July 1, 2012 12 comments

I will at some point do a review but here’s the sad truth: on early access Day 1, I managed to log in for about 10 minutes at 11 at night. Yesterday (Day 2), I managed about 45 minutes and that was mostly helping a friend out with some weird character issue. (Oh come on, it’s launch – and actually, considering… it’s not the usual Failcom launch. It’s definitely better. But it’s still launch.)

So these screenshots are in fact from beta, just to give you an idea of the zombie goodness of the first zone. Not just zombies – there are also weird Icelandic/Norse sea zombies (think Iron Islanders & their Drowned God, only with more barnacles and usually more dead).

Sadly it’s all I have time for right now. I have more work to do. So much for my taking a week off around launch… Bah. Click through for bigger versions.

Letting myself get killed by zombies. No really – it was required for a mission.

I’m too sexy for my corset.

Zombie parts are hell to clean off. Hence my char not wearing a whole lot… Yeah. That’s it…

Nice pants!

Oh, and there’s some kind of lair of ultimate evil in the background.


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