Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gardens and Cake

‘Tis the season to be blowing out candles, apparently. Just as appliances seem to go into cascade-kaput mode, so the Mirage family are all maturing at exactly the same time. Must be something in the water.

It started with Elise having a low-key birthday just with Holdem (though that was followed by some spaceship woohoo we won’t talk about). She just passed into adulthood, and I didn’t think there was a great deal there to mark. Besides, everyone else was asleep; Elise and Holdem both have jobs with late-night schedules, so they’re often mooching about in the quiet house by themselves, which suits loner-Elise just fine.

Elise adult

After that, everyone decided they should age up pretty much on the same damn day, and I don’t mean just the triplets. Seems Slapjack and Ratscrew also want to celebrate right-the-hell-now, so I obliged and had Slaps bake himself a strawberry cake, then celebrate quietly at home with the family — with the exception of Holdem who was busy being James Bond and bringing home gold-plated bacon, by which I mean the $4000+ Simoleons he earns every time he goes to work.

Slapjack quiet adult bday_2Ratscrew reached the pinnacle of his Space Ranger (Astronaut) career and now brings in almost as much for almost 20 hours less work a week – he’s earning $11,816 a week for 28 hours compared to Holdem’s $12,780 a week for 45 hours. And since Elise earns over 6k/week (and that’s about to go up when she hits level 10 of her career, next time she goes to work) and Slapjack earns $4,200 for a measly 15 hours (he’s also about to hit level 10) even without selling most of his paintings, the Mirage family is basically rolling in cash. Gone are the days of living without walls, sinks, counters and other mod cons. In fact, I just bought the top-of-the-line 10-grand bed and the 13-grand cooker, just to be using up some of the $80,000 the family had lying around.

Parcheesi would be proud of her boys, and I’m still a little miffed my chance of bringing her back into the family as a ghost got bugged.

But life goes on, if not for Parcheesi. Slapjack just aged up to adult while his twin Ratscrew will age to Elder, because Slaps took a potion of youth and Rats didn’t. He considered it as his elderhood started to loom, but he feels he’s had a pretty full life and he’s not sure he wants to live forever, or even for that much longer. Neither does he want to have Derek hanging around as a ghost — they did get it on, ghost-style, the other night, but it was all a bit weird for Rats who seems to be fairly square despite being a super hot-shot space ranger.

Rats gardening

Gardening at night

In fact, he looks rather sad most of the time these days. He works out, gardens, explores the galaxy and hangs out with his peeps, but it seems that with his soulmate gone (who was a bit shallow and not that interesting, but who am I to judge) he’s lost most of his joie de vivre. I expect he’ll have a quiet elderhood and ask the others not to plead for his life, so he can join Derek in the great beyond.

The trips are due to age up inside the next couple of Sim-days, and they’ll probably throw a large bash — assuming the game hasn’t killed all of their non-household relationships. As it is, half the household now barely knows the other half, and socialisation efforts don’t seem to be doing much to mend what seem to be permanently-broken relationships. I don’t see how it can be anything other than a bug, because the Mirage family was actually pretty tight-knit for being so large and they do a lot of socialising with each other. Oh well.

Tune in next time for the great triplet birthday-now-get-out-and-find-your-own-place PARTAY!

Rats mourns Derek


Dailies and dragons and pandas, oh my

Prescriptum: I was going to write this at the end of the post, but as usual I’m rambling far too much and I’m adding pictures and this post is going to be a mile long before I’m done. So: I’d like to thank the folks who have been mailing me in support of this blog. I’m eternally surprised that people read this not just out of bloggerly solidarity but out of – apparently – interest and for entertainment. Personally, I think my post quality has gone down the drain in the last couple of years, but I’m hoping the doldrums will pass and at some point I won’t mind revisiting some of the more interesting discussions & themes out there. In the meantime, thanks for reading and most of all thanks for writing to let me know you’re reading – it’s not essential, but it’s very nice to receive.

TL;DR - No time to play, waah. Pandaclysm kinda cool. Where’s my hatchling? Dailies dailies everywhere and not a drop to drink. Move along now.

My gaming time has been somewhat limited these last few months – okay, for most of this year actually – with the occasional glutton-day interspersed with weeks of not logging into anything much. Which is a shame, because there are several games out there I could, would, should and want to enjoy. Two of them are even “free”, more or less – TSW and GW2 – but when there’s no time, there’s just no time. Continue reading

King of the road

I haven’t had much time to play anything in the last week and a half.

For some reason, a particular game demanded to come back out of the closet and that’s what I’ve been putzing around with when I have the odd half-hour before bed. There are times when I’m too tired to chop up zombies.

Bet you can’t guess which game it is.

Gah. Now I’ve given myself REM’s eponymous cover version as an ear worm. I guess there’s worse ear-worms to have.

The Screenshot of Ultimate Evil

…okay, not really.

But I did notice just now that my media folder here on WordPress contains 666 images. Given that I’m playing The Secret World right now, that seemed a little ominous (geddit?).

So here’s upload 667. Whew. Maybe that creepy child will get out of my office closet now.

Do not suffer a witch to live

Do not suffer a witch to live. Poor lady. Great quest (even if bugged).