Earth-shattering KABOOM?

It seems many of my Casualties guildies and other, unaffiliated pundits think there will be oodles of drama and explosions due to CoW’s very nature and base composition, that being a whole bunch of opinionated, articulate people who blog and/or read blogs and maybe even play the games they’re talking about, and therefore know about stuff better than anyone else. (Do I need /sarcasm tags?)

I guess it depends on one’s definition of drama and on the kind of drama it is. Like stress, drama is inevitable and some of it is actually good. Disagreement, however, isn’t automatically dramatic, nor does it have to be.

What I’m wondering is, are the predictors of earth-shattering, guild-exploding KABOOMs also (consciously or not) hoping it will happen, and therefore (consciously or not) going to help ensure that it does? Is the anticipatory pleasure and schadenfreude of such an event worth damage to what could be a really fun social network?

Predictions of Kaboomage can be quite easily made self-fulfilling. Especially if any argument is seen as bad, and therefore deliciously dramatic, and therefore to be fanned where possible. What I’m saying is, people (especially bloggers, forum hos, and other articulate and bored people waiting for their game to launch) LIKE drama. They like to watch the other kids call each other names and pummel each other in the playground. It’s fun. Plus, it then gives them something to write about. (Like me, here. Oh, the humanity.)

Clearly, I’m not in the earth-shattering Kaboom camp. I know there will be drama, and I know there will be no few flouncings-out and door slammings (and choruses of “Don’t let it hit you on the ass on the way out!”)… but I don’t eagerly await them. All in all, I expect we’ll see more attrition due to lack of congruent expectations and gaming styles — not enough raiding, not enough this, too much of that — than through even the most passionate disagreements.

Learning to get past polemic while enjoying it is, in my never humble opinion, a mark of real smartness. Those are the blogs I’ll still be reading years down the line. The schoolyard blogs – meh, been there, done that, and I’m sure I still have a T-shirt somewhere to prove it.

2 responses to “Earth-shattering KABOOM?

  1. The old “post in haste, repent… well, never really” syndrome? It’s easy to get caught up in drama if you don’t make an effort to stay out of it. But then when have you ever known me *not* to keep my opinion to myself…?


  2. One thing that does make me nervous…the 5 minute edit timer on the current website. If you are going to repent…you better do it quick. (-;

    ~ HZ


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