Phear mah mad levelling skillz

Skill0rz? Whatever.

I just realised, when Ysharros the Shadow Warrior hit R14 yesterday, that … *cough* … she’s my highest level ever WAR character. You can’t count the beta template R31 chars, they came out of the box that level.  I got a Disciple into the teens at some point in beta, but the wipes were coming thick and fast that that point and I’m pretty sure Chryse only made it to 13.

Of course, as Dragonchasers* rightly pointed out, if you add up my Averheim alts I’m level 59. Wow, that’s higher than I expected; and no, that’s not 10 alts all at level 5.9 — I only have 7 chars right now, thank you very much. So nerh.

I did put in a few smallish playsessions with the alts this week — lower level characters are much easier to drop in on if your playtime is limited, I find. For one, you don’t have to run nearly as far between quests at lower level, and for another there’s the familiarity with the content that means you can zip about pretty quickly getting some minor things done. So Amariel and Ysh are 13 and 14 respectively (if not respectably), a quartet of the others are 7, and my lil Ironbreaker Meabh lags behind at 4.

I’ve become accustomed to reining in my leveling, too, since Mort and I usually try to play together. The couple that plays together, stays together… yeah… maybe it wasn’t MMOs they meant. Anyway, he has a lot less — a lot less — playtime than I have, especially since he doesn’t have the benefit of working from home. At least I don’t have to commute back to my game machine! We tend to make the alts more or less at the same time, and more or less pair them up so that they more or less match in levels; which means right now I’m trying really hard not to play some of the characters I’d love to play. I’ll give in eventually, which will cause duo problems of its own.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll either concentrate on Ysh the Shadow Warrior… or go play alts on another server. Have char slots, will travel.

* No link for you! Hit the site and hit the blogroll. It’s not there to ease my bunions, ya know!

2 responses to “Phear mah mad levelling skillz

  1. “The couple that plays together, stays together… yeah… maybe it wasn’t MMOs they meant.”

    *giggles* Thanks for the first laugh of the day, Ysh!!


  2. Hey congratz!

    I knuckled down on the weekend I got my WE to 20. She just got all that more vicious for having a second career strategy slot open up. I’m now running with +70 to STR and +33% chance of each attack adding an additional blood frenzy (I’ve also got the +70 STR paired up with a DOT if I crit strat – oh, and I hit 2500 criticals I think…)

    I think I’m Reknown Rank 15?

    I celebrated by buying a dino-mount then played Smaken up to about level 10. Good fun… except Nordenwatch is about the only thing that pops in T1 😦


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