The (MMO) world not upside-down; jolly good.

You know, if a largeish patch ever hit the deck without causing a subsequent hotfix, I think the sky would fall. It’s been an MMO-truism certainly since my Asheron’s Call days (with its monthly patches) that patchday is usually followed pretty quickly by hotfix hour(s). If it isn’t, then you can be sure something is dreadfully, horribly wrong and will lead to 3 days of downtime a few weeks later.

It’s nice to know I have some stability in my life!

Informational link thing: here or, in other words, the US/Oceania servers are down. Though if you’re coming here for information, my friend, you’re in the wrong place. Bookmark The Warhammer Herald instead!

/Tangent. Like everyone else, I’m wondering if WAR’s gold-selling banination figures are characters (which would be meaningless) or accounts (which is only slightly less meaningless). Gold selling is here and it’s probably here to stay, judging by its hydra-like ability to bounce back with MORE spam as soon as you start slapping the spammers. I rather suspect those who argue that games need models that eliminate the need for long-ground-out game money, or do an end-around and appropriate the model somehow, in order to eliminate the demand for said money, are right. Eliminate the demand and you’ll deal the supply a pretty sharp poke in the ‘nads, whereas the reverse doesn’t really seem to work.

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  1. Gold sellers show up at MMOs like ants show up at picnics. You can never fully get rid of them without ruining your own fun.

    I’m really scratching my head on who’s buying gold in Warhammer though.

    Levelling up, I haven’t had any problem keeping enough gold to pay for whatever I needed without even bothering much with crafting or the AH.

    I guess there’s the mount at 20, but what else I have no idea. Eventually, I’ve heard there are big money sinks for guilds like paying for keep guards, but I’d hate to think of players buying gold to fund their guild RvR..


  2. Well what can I say, there wouldn’t be a supply without a demand, right? And considering how the spam I get in-game increases daily, I’m assuming that someone out there is actually pouring real cash into virtual one for reasons beyond my comprehension.

    About your last remark: so far, WAR seems pretty good at keeping it all balanced. You’re not drowning in gold but you don’t have to go out of your way to buy anything either. Even if you’re a fan of cleaning out the AH every two levels, that’s no problem either as most prices are very reasonable and a couple of hours of action will usually earn you enough items to auction off yourself and make your money back.

    @Pidge – guild keeps are huge money sinks indeed, but that’s what the guild tax is there for! Granted, your guild will need to be considerably larger than just “you and five other mates” to make this work.


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