Blogroll update

Adding a few names to the already ridiculously-long blogroll. Am starting to wonder if I should give the bloody thing a page of its own, and thus be able to go back to one of the nicer 2-column layouts. Anyway:

Wizards & Wenches: WAR. DoK, WP. Smite n slice; what’s not to like?

Warhammer Geek: maybe not 100% blog, but very good all the same.

Word of Shadow: critical, in a good way.

Killed in a Smiling Accident: smart, funny and sharp. And a great name, too.

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch. If you have a blog or know a blog and you’re great and you should be on the blogroll here, lemme know. Thanks to those who have linked me, I feel all warm and fuzzy and linked.

Tomorrow will be WAR Haiku Day here at the Corpse. Start poetising.

Edit — here’s another. Classy Gamer. Haven’t read much of it yet but the theme is purdy! I’m not shallow!

October 20 — another edit, another addition. Meant to add this blog last time and… forgot. Typical me, typical me. Archmagery. Go read it!

And another one! The Devoted Enquirer. Link love!

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