Haiku… as promised

Totally off my own bat and really not prompted by a comment reminding me. (I did warn you I forget things though.) Fortunately it’s still today where I am; the wire is close, but I’m under it.

Stonetroll Crossing pops
I will end up dead again
Damned Pacifier.

Your turn.

11 responses to “Haiku… as promised

  1. Ancient red leaves
    Never parting their elven land
    Witness sadness.


    I tend to be
    experimental with haiku
    as mora are not syllables.


  2. Big Scary Chosen
    Three of them surrounding me
    I pee in my pants

    Kill the damn healers
    Why are you chasing the tanks?
    Again I am dead

    On my knees again
    Praying for Righteous Fury
    You better pray too


  3. Experimental haiku is fine — I use the 5-7-5 loosely (or any variation of 5, 5, and 7 syllables).

    These are all brilliant and/or hilarious, btw.

    Ten seconds to flag
    Nobody here; but wait! who–
    3 seconds left… run!


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  5. Tank demands heals now
    Stretched healers turn a deaf ear
    In silence tank dies

    Bright Wizard builds up
    Unleashes hell all around
    Consumed by fire

    CoWs march on to WAR
    Encounter the enemy
    Mooing Victory


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