Half bloody FULL, okay?

Yeah, I shouldn’t be up and about, and I definitely shouldn’t be precariously balanced on a stool to do a blog post less than a day after surgery. But that’s how much I love you all. Or something. Now to the rant.

Casualties of WAR has taken quite a few casualties in WAR. People didn’t like it, people like it but don’t have time, people liked it but currently (and for however long) prefer WoW, EQ2, LOTRO, Fallout3, whataver. Having a presence on both sides of WAR is cool, but it also splits up the membership, making us seem half a big as we really are.

So, CoW is going multi-game, like many other guilds. It’s been done before and no, Chicken Licken, the sky is NOT falling.

Why is it that when anything happens or gets discussed, there’s always someone waiting to make the whiny, negative, passive-aggressive “You’re all doing this to spite ME!” type comment — without, of course, ever saying so? It’s all oblique references and snarky two-word response posts that add zero to the sum of useful content in the world. Trust me, what one single CoW member plays or thinks or does is not the prime motivator behind decisions made to try to benefit the entire guild. If we don’t make the second chapter in the game YOU play, it’s not because we hate you. It’s not because we pick every chance we get to pass you over, or ignore you. Please for the love of god stop acting as though every damned thing in the whole fecking UNIVERSE revolves around you.

Seriously. I am sick unto death and BEYOND of people whose only reaction to ANYTHING is to whinge about how it affects them, with undertones of “How could you do this to me?” I had enough of that from parents while I was a teenager, thanks, and I am not putting up with it anymore. Try being positive for a change, and try seeing change itself as not necessarily a bad thing.

For fellow CoW-members thinking this may be about them, it probably isn’t. But please, let’s give this process a chance, ok? WAR-COW isn’t closing its doors. CoW as a meta-game entity has been a reality since before WAR even launched, given what we all play and where we all came from, and the fact that most of us are multi-game veterans looking for the MMO equivalent of El Dorado. I have seen small guilds dissolve by going into multiple games, but every single larger guild I’ve been in that has done this has only been strengthened by it.

CoW aside — c’mon folks. The glass isn’t full of kool-aid and it’s half full, not half empty, ok? Try seeing the good in things for a change; you might like it. The new experience will give you something to whine about.

12 responses to “Half bloody FULL, okay?

  1. Your talking about me /cry /cry!!! I’m just kidding. I have no idea what you are talking about but it is A good post. Maybe I should read the forums to get the juicy story. Great post Y-man.


  2. You won’t get anything juicy, it’s kind of a pent-up reaction over a few months from the forums and game and whatnot. I’m just cranky because I still have a ton of anaesthetic in me and it’s making me dizzy. So I’m taking it out on you lot. 😛


  3. Wait… SURGERY? What surgery??? No wonder your Nile Online scroll said something about being in bed…

    WHAT’S THIS ABOUT A SUGERY!? Are you ok? How did I miss this.


    Anyway, venting your spleen is always useful even if the surgery was to your toe. 🙂


  4. Sorry – I’ve mentioned it to some and not others and forgot who all it was, so rather than harp on about it I just assumed everyone either a) knew and/or b) didn’t care. 😀

    I had to have a cyst removed. Nothing major, but not all that pleasant either, and sitting for long periods is … difficult. However, lying down for long periods will drive me stir-crazy, so I’m kind of flitting back and forth. A right butterfly, that’s me.

    Since I react badly to general anaesthesia (it makes me sick as a dog, and then some, for 48 hours or so) I was expecting the same this time around. However, apparently, forewarned is forearmed, and they took steps to prevent it. I’m a little queasy, but that beats projectile vomiting by a HUGE margin.

    All in all, doing WAY better than I expected today. Whew.


  5. I figure most large guilds go through something like this at one time or another. It can be hard to remember that it’s not a personal issue with decisions like these, but that’s what people need to remember, as hard as it may be sometimes.

    Also, I hope the surgery went ok and everything is going to be alright!


  6. I don’t know…under the right circumstances…projectile vomiting can be very handy. Take that one episode of Family Guy for one.

    I like the fact Casualties is moving to a multi-game guild. I can’t tell you how many times I open subs and close them during the year.

    I hate to say it, but I’m playing the 10-day free “welcome back” of WoW and am enjoying it. I got passed the graphics and am just playing the game. As you hinted in an earlier post about Wiz 101 (sounds like a pissing game), WoW is also an easy game to play and easy is what I need right now.

    Sorry you’ve been knocked down a bit these past few months. Just gotta get back in there and fight, right? Hope you feel better in a few days.


  7. Thanks for the update, and glad to hear you’re reacting better than normally to the knock-out drugs which I can’t spell since I’m way way too lazy.


  8. Hope you feel better soon, Ysh.

    I guess I should be glad that I’ve been too busy at work to read forums (or blogs — I have 210 items in my Google Reader) this week. Drama is not my thing.

    I think CoW going multigame is a good thing. People are going to play what they are going to play and the more chances to play with people you like, the better.


  9. Apparently I have been absent from the forums way to long. The concept of taking CoW global among multiple MMO games is fantastic. Most people joined WAR not because of the game, but because they wanted to be part of a guild that was full of like minded and fun people. If nothing else, there is no reason not to keep the friendships we have garnered in WAR and carry them over to another game.

    And yes, you seem a bit grumpy from your surgery. lol Course, I have the same thing to look forward too next month. I’m having shoulder surgery, so I’ll probably be posting on my blog like a Parentally fustrated Angst Teen. But I say that with all the love in a small dwarf can muster.


  10. I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago, some micro-surgery procedure whose name I can’t be arsed to look up right now. It went well, but it hurt for a while; if they schedule you for physical therapy, *do it*, it’ll help… though it’ll hurt too. 😉

    What I remember most from that was the catheter they stuck in my shoulder for the pain pump I used the first few days. Good thing they warned me there might be “a fair bit” of catheter to pull out — after the first 8″ or so, Mort was about ready to pass out, and somehow they got over a foot of tubing in there. Didn’t hurt to remove by the way, and in hindsight it was pretty funny just pulling and pulling and wondering exactly how much more there was to go.


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