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patchy-smallOkay, there’s no way to work “Patch 1.1b” into a White Album title, damn those inconsiderate Mythic patchy types. I just hope this title doesn’t get me too many spam porn links.

Anyway yes, 1.1b is in the process of patchinating (technical term) as I type. It’s not earth-shattering in terms of excitement, patch-wise, except for an interesting note on RvR renown point awards. Since I’m not quite sure how it worked before I can’t really tell you what the difference is, except that the awards seem higher than before. Presumably, now that we’re seeing more R40/RRxx folks coming up, Mythic are starting to get better info on the general RvR grind. I can’t comment much on it, since I haven’t done any significant RvR in about 6 weeks, for various previously documented reasons.

Either way, if it means that renown ranks will be a teeny bit easier to get once you pass 20 or so, that’s a good thing, right?

Notes are here, and for the access-challenged, here’s the text:

WAR 1.1b notes


1.1.0b is almost here, and while the notes may not be very long there are some great fixes that make a lot of significant improvements to the game. We’ve got some additional fixes in the wings so stay tuned for more as we continue to work on enhancing content and improving stability!

1.1.0b will be going live Tuesday, 12/16. All North American servers will be brought down at 7AM EST with Oceanic servers to follow at 9AM EST. We expect all servers to be back up and running by 1PM EST.

As always stay tuned to the Herald for the latest news and updates and continue reading for the 1.1.0b Patch Notes…WAAAGH!!!

  • We’ve added additional messaging to the Inventory Overflow system introduced in the 1.1a patch. This was done to aid players in understanding what the Inventory Overflow in fact does and how to utilize this new feature.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Nordenwatch scenario to crash intermittently.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the wrong realm name to appear in the center-screen Keep or Battle Objective capture message.
  • Renown, experience, and Influence rewards have been added for attacking and defending Fortresses.
  • Renown gains: This patch includes a significant fix to the amount of Renown gained in both open Realm vs. Realm combat and Scenarios. The intent of this change is for players to gain Renown based on the differential between a player’s Rank and Renown Rank. The examples given below are based on solo Realm vs. Realm confrontations without any sort of bonuses and with both players being of the same Renown Rank (differences between RRs also affect RPs awarded):
    • If a Rank 40/Renown Rank 1 solo kills a Rank 31/Renown Rank 1, the Rank 40 will receive 206 Renown as a reward.
    • If a Rank 40/Renown Rank 1 solo kills a Rank 18/Renown Rank 1, the Rank 40 will receive 70 Renown as a reward.
Notice that this is a larger reward than the Rank 40 would receive with the   previous system (51 and 5 respectively).
  • To discourage exploitation of this system, if a player is killed repeatedly in a short amount of time they are worth less Renown each time due to the existing diminishing returns system.   Also, please keep in mind that the difference between players’ Renown Ranks will also affect the amount of RP rewarded.
  • Nordenwatch: Reenabled access to this Tier 1 Empire vs. Chaos Scenario. Fixed an issue with this Scenario that affected server stability.

6 responses to “Honey Pie

  1. 1st – I think you’re good with honey pie. I think cherry pie is still the #1 title that gets you all the porn. If you’re into that kind of thing 🙂

    2nd – I played last night. Until 5 freakin’ A.M.! I don’t know what came over me. I just wanted to lay waste, I guess. And lay waste I did.

    Okay…either it is me or scenario PvPers just suck. I played five scenarios of various T3 instances. I was ranked 3rd or higher for kills and 5th or higher for damage in all five of them. I’m only level 21. Hmmmmm. Since I won’t take credit for skill, I’ll just say it must have been a terrible group of players last night.


  2. I think scenarios can vary huuuuuuuuugely as to the skill of the people in them. I’ve had tons of diabolically bad scenarios, but now and then there’s that gem where everyone seems to telepathically know what to do, and works together.

    Telepathy be damned, actually — most of the time when scenarios go well it’s because people coordinate in chat. Even just a “hello all” seems to make a difference in feeling like a side instead of like 12 selfish bastards all trying to squeeze max xp/RR out of the 15 minute chunk.

    I have a love-hate relationship with scenarios. I wish they were less obviously efficient in terms of xp, and MORE efficient than they are in terms of RR. But that might have unwanted consequences my puny brain can’t fathom.


  3. Well…the sad part is…I have the taste for blood again…right when my sub is up. To resub or not to resub…that is the question. ?


  4. The purpose of the renown change: Discourage healers from dropping group to farm renown, and give damage-dealers a prayer of getting almost as much renown as healers.

    It is really quite simple, but for some reason I couldnt grasp it. If you’re in the same boat, I just figured it out.

    Assuming renown rank is equal to yours and they’re level 31, you pull FOUR TIMES the renown of previous. For a rank 18, you gain FOURTEEN times more renown.

    This will also help people to not feel the need to grind scenarios to level. Previously, people stuck to scenarios to ensure they hit Rank 40 with a reasonable renown rank. Hugely discouraging. However, now if you hit rank 40 with only RR20, you’re looking at getting monster amounts of renown for any solo kill and catching up relatively quickly.

    I for one, will do more PQs as a result of this.

    Anyone know what they mean by “Renown, experience, and Influence rewards”? As far as I could tell, there were already influence rewards… so what are the renown and experience rewards? can we now buy a greater variety of RvR gear from vendors? That would be wise, considering how easy it is to get PvE gear.


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