More foofery

Nothing very meaty today, sorry — yesterday’s screaming migraine is still trying to come back and I’ve got no head-space for much of anything.

Finally got around to reorganising the blogroll properly, having taken a mere 6 months to realise that I could use categories other than “Blogroll” to subdivide the various blogs here. Duh!

So, if you’re on there but feel you’re in the wrong category, or if you’re not on there and think you should be, the usual — comment or mail me, ysharros -at- gmail dot com. Welcome to the various new (mostly Age of Blogging-inspired WAR blogs) entries, and sniffly goodbyes to the few that I dropped for lack of activity. There are a couple of technically-defunct blogs still on there because they were fine, fine blogs — I’ll remove them someday. Maybe.

8 responses to “More foofery

  1. You need to add a section called “Awesome Blogs” for mine. Thanks. 😀

    Seriously, you might want to break some of those down to gaming blogs and … okay so they’re all gaming blogs. hehe Maybe push some into a ‘gaming news’ category and I think some are EQ2? EQ1?

    (here I am offering suggestions and my blogroll is so out of date…)


  2. hi Ysh –
    A friend of mine swears by accupuncture for migraines. It costs her $50 a session, which is cheaper then a relaxing massage and better then taking some med that a doctor gets kickbacks for selling from the drug company. Anyways, she is a stress nugget so if it works for her I imagine it’s worth a shot.


  3. I’ll echo the acupuncture suggestion. I’ve also heard that reflexology helps, though I have never undergone either of these treatments.

    Thanks for adding me to the blogroll and for the warm welcome!


  4. Am I under WoW blog, cuz you’re still mad at me? 🙂
    Seriously, I would consider myself more of a general blog. In fact tonight is our CoW LotRO night.


  5. Nah Hool, I just took a quick look at the last article or two and went with those — which is also why I posted this asking for suggestions. Also also, I was sort of looking for entries to fill out the WoW blogs section, heh; it’s kinda empty now and even Hud isn’t really just a WoW blog. But I made the category and then I felt I had to use it. I think I’ll stick both of you back in General.


  6. I see that I’m under general blogs. I thought for sure you’d have a category for jackasses. Sorry you’re still feeling crappy. Get well quick!


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