CoX Mission Architect – My First Mission

NOTE: Issue 14 (the one with the Mission Architect system) is still only on CoX’s Test Server(s). It’s slated to go live sometime in the next few weeks.

I finally created my first story in the new Mission Architect; I was aiming for what I thought would be something relatively simple, humorous rather than really dangerous, and thus hopefully easy to write.

Lesson #1: I should have stuck with premade bad guys. It would have been a lot easier. On the other hand, I now know how to make my own custom groups and characters, and it’s not that difficult. It does, however, chew up a chunk of “save” space.

Lesson #2: The mission architect isn’t that difficult to use. Hurrah! Sure, it has a learning curve, but every option has a clickable ? that gives you more information and examples.

Lesson #3: No matter how well drafted you think your mission/arc idea was, it wasn’t detailed enough. This, however, will get easier for subsequent creations, since I now have a much better idea of how missions/arcs are put together.

I didn’t time myself to see how long this arc took to create, but it was spread out over several sessions starting sometime last week, as time allowed. If I had to guesstimate, I’d say 6-8 hours including the time to read the tutorial, enter the info, create custom chars and groups, test the various missions (4 in total), edit what needed to be edited, and test some more.  Greater familiarity with the creation tool will cut this time down considerably, as will better preparation beforehand.

Various criticisms have already been levelled at the Mission Architect system, including the fact that it doesn’t let you custom-place opponents and the like — but then again, that’s quite consistent with CoX missions in general. I’m just glad they’re actually putting this kind of tool in the hands of the players; I’ve already played 3 player-created missions (and abandoned several more as just too difficult for my gimped scrapper self), and there’s a distinct added flavour to playing something another player made.

For those of you who have access and the inclination, the Story is called Catnapped! and it’s Arc #18799 — you can search strings, which should make it easier to find if you’ve a yen to try it out. Me, I’m going to try out Sente’s Missing Geneticist story! Well.. as soon as the Test server comes back up. Ain’t that just typical?


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  1. Yeah, I had just started a play session on test when I got the 30 minute warning and then the mapserver dropped for me…

    I’d be happy to try your arc next time I will be able to log in. Maybe they will put in some more updates with this maintenance window (One can hope at least…)

    It is certainly a learning curve. Getting a better understanding of what can be done with different maps is also a process to go through. One thing that can be fun in one setting can become tedious or frustrating in another.

    Looking at the early missions in CoH and comparing them with more recent additions in CoH or CoV one can certainly see that the developers themselves have gone through a learning process.


  2. I loved the kitty kat costumes and other animal ones in COH.. maybe I’m just weird that way but I thought they just should add more animals.


  3. @Thallian — they’ve added a lot of stuff since I last played, which was *cough* at launch, including a lot of the animal / beast stuff. At least, I don’t remember it from back then.

    CoX may be limited in many ways, but what it DOES do, it does very well — which is IMO better than doing lots but doing it for crap. 😛


  4. Played Catnapped! today, I liked it!
    There are some subtle hints there that you may be a cat person…

    The dialog was funny and I laughed when I saw the full name of the boss in the end 😉

    In mish 2 there is an escort, but she does not show up in the mission objectives. She is mentioned in the clues from the mission. The first time I played it I did not see her at all, so I wondered a bit what I had missed when the mission completed.

    I played the arc with 3 characters; lvl9 widow (villainous), lvl30 bane soldier (vicious) and lvl50 earth/elec dominator (relentless).

    The widow had some trouble, pitbull + bloodhound or multiple bloodhounds were a bit painful 😉

    For the bane almost all spawns were pitbulls. The dominator had it a bit more mixed, but a lot of pitbulls there also. Unfortunately not that much to do about what the game decides to spawn, but perhaps add more LTs and minions (poodles?) so the spawns might get more mixed?

    The bane and the dominator had it easy up to the boss, which were tougher. It was nice actually to see that some of them could see through stealth, caught the bane by surprise first. He can get a bit cocky, so that was good 🙂

    Whiskers the contact looked great also, perhaps someone to include as an ally in the next arc?


  5. @Sente — yeah, I had the same issues with the LTs. I’ll see if I can’t fix that, they’re not supposed to be everywhere. My blaster had an almost perfect mix, but the scrapper got far too many pit-bulls. And LOL, poodles… oh yes, I think we have to add some women to the gang!

    Oddly enough I didn’t expect the bloodhounds to be so mean, heh. 😀

    Also couldn’t work out how to get a few more spawns in the pub, but I guess that’s a group size one, sadly 😐

    Re: Escort — doh!! I thought I’d fixed that. Thanks!

    Thanks also for the feedback!

    Edit — and yes, I rather like how Kitty Whiskers came out. I think she’ll be reused! 😀


  6. They have very few spawns in the casino and pawn/jewel shop maps, I think most of them only have 2. Some might be able to squeeze in an ambush or similar though.

    There are some addon packs with more maps from ticket vendor, might be something useful there.


  7. Aye, I had a quick look through the packs and they looked pretty fun – I just haven’t wanted to spend beta tickets on beta-server goodies because I’m cheap that way 😀


  8. @Jaye – It’ll be going live soon enough, so you may not need to bother with test. I don’t think it’ll be more than a few weeks tops.


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