End of the month foofery

Am I on your blogroll and you’re not on mine?

Are you not on my blogroll and would like to be?

Let me know!

You may now go about your business.

10 responses to “End of the month foofery

  1. Mine is part photoshop part MMO rants, but I do always enjoy reading your stuff. Would love to be on your blogroll 😛


  2. Oooohhhhh, so this is the foofery you mentioned. How did I miss this before?

    I want so badly to write a reply to your Quest post series, but I find as of late that I have more things to write about than I have time to write them! I guess thats not a bad thing…


    • It’s a good thing. Much better to have too much to write than too little. ATM I should know — I have too much else going on and have very little headspace for blogging. 😦


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