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Two posts in one hour? Oh no, I’ve been possessed by Syp!

Elder Game’s Eric Heimburg wrote a great piece, Warcraft Live Team’s B Squad. which examines the outflux (yes, it’s a word! — it is now, anyway) of A-list talent from WoW, and how the B-team seem to be a little overwhelmed. I was particularly interested in his AC2 experience of what happens when the big names go off to work on something else and the probies are left in charge of the now-moving 20-million-ton superMMOtanker.

Unlimited cosmic power, in MMO terms, must be used wisely. (And probably comes with an itty bitty cubicle.)

For an interested outsider like myself, this type of insider commentary and anecdotal insight is fascinating; I figured you might like it too, if EG isn’t already on your reading list.

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  1. That is fascinating, and it rings very true also. I do think a lot of the design decisions they’ve made lately have been really good ones, but you can tell that there’s been a shift.

    Probably taking a couple of weeks out to get some perspective is great advice too.


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  3. I caught that one this morning. Very interesting and a good insight to what is happening with WoW…


  4. It’s a good article, but I don’t agree with the subtle intimations that WoW is worse for having a new “vision”. They are certainly making some rookie mistakes, but they are also correcting some “stuck in a rut” mistakes that they inherited from the “A team”.


    • I agree it’s a good article but I must respectfully disagree. I think the current regime in charge is making a classic mistake by dumbing down WoW to the point it won’t be recognizable.

      WoW was painfully easy from its inception. Now it’s even easier. Fewer challenges and fewer reasons to socialize.

      They are making the game simpler and easier — I guess that’s one way to appeal to new subscribers. Bartle was right.


      The best part of the article for me is the reaffirmation that WoW is in it’s “cash cow” and being milked for all it’s worth to. Been saying that for months now 🙂


  5. Boy that makes alot of sense with what’s been happening in WoW – I hadn’t really thought about the ‘go to the forums for news’ but its true! Updates should be on the login.

    Class changes every other minute – yuk. The constant flux has been hmm not fun.

    I’m glad the ‘B team’ is making some changes to WoW, but maybe a bit more thinking instead of a knee-jerk reaction would be in order.


  6. I have not played or taken much interest in the details of what is happening with WoW for the past three years or so, those particular details were not so interesting to me.

    But the phenomen itself is interesting and it is certainly not exclusive to MMO games when it comes to software – the same situation is valid in many other areas of computer software as well.


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