Not a free t-shirt (EQ2)

Two posts in one day?! Don’t get used to it.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about doing a crafting how-to for EQ2, mostly aimed at newer players, for the last few weeks. Thing is I know myself, and I’m incapable of being concise even when I’m trying really hard. So I know it’d be a ton of work, and I’m not sure it’d be worth it since there are quite a few very good EQ2 crafting guides already out there.

Like this one — which is more of an OMG Crafter Heaven site than a crafting guide, though it has that too

Or this one — which is part of an all-round indispensable source of EQ2 info. If it’s not in the wiki, it doesn’t exist!

There are far more guides, lists, cheat-sheets and screenshot sites than I could ever list, but I tend to assume that knowing how to use a search engine has become a pretty ubiquitous skill these days, especially among MMO players (it’s not like we’re talking about my technophobic mum here!). The hard part with EQ2 crafting isn’t finding tons of information, it’s finding tons of really basic information that will let you get started.

There’s a crafting tutorial, of course, though how you get to it and at what point in the newbie experience can vary. The tutorial is… well-intentioned, let’s say; I don’t happen to think it’s all that good, but it’s hard to judge that kind of thing when you’re working on your 5th level 80 crafter and have gone round the level 1-10 block about 20 times.

Anyway, I figured I’d leave it up to fickle fate (read: you lot) to decide for me whether I should bother doing a guide, and how in-depth it should be. Besides, don’t we all love polls? They’re almost as good as free t-shirts.

And no, I will not add an I LIKE PIE option. I want this poll to be vaguely meaningful and besides, pie-liking is mandatory. Even for me, and I don’t even like pie all that much.

{YSHARROS exits stage left, pursued by a bear and ravening pie-loving blog readers}

8 responses to “Not a free t-shirt (EQ2)

  1. I voted no because I’m selfish. I know how to craft in EQ2 and would rather see you put your energy into writing more posts.

    But that doesn’t mean I think you writing a crafting guide would be a bad idea — I think you’d do a great job at it.


  2. Well I don’t play EQ2, so I personally wouldn’t benefit much from a crafting guide.. 😉 But I can offer one bit of advice on helping you decide whether to write it or not. One of the things that a person can’t get out of a tutorial, that you *can* provide, is metagame information about what works and what doesn’t work based on the state of the game right now.

    So not just “how” to craft, but what’s good to craft right now, what’s a waste of time, what players are wanting, what sells well, what doesn’t, that sort of thing. Is it worth the effort to get ultra-pure versions of ingredients, or not. That’s the kind of information that you could provide that many other guides don’t. It’s the kind of information I would want if I were attempting to get into the crafting portion of a mature game.

    So yes, you definitely should it, and share that metagame knowledge. 🙂



  3. I know if you wrote one, it’d be a good one, so I voted for the first option. Admittedly in the past, I’ve used EQ Traders’ EQ2 area, though mainly for checking furniture/clothing appearance, and I was there in the day of sub-combines so it all seems second nature to me, but a fresh look is always worthwhile.

    As hinted in my other comment, RL is being a pain currently and limiting my EQ2 time, but since I’m always crafter first, adventurer a very definite second (even put together my own EQ2 recipes database), if I can help out at all, let me know.




  4. All right, all right. I voted no, because a) I don’t play EQ2 anymore, and b) back when I did play, you already helped me learn about the crafting ;), and c) I’m not sure who the target audience would be at this point in the game’s lifespan.


  5. Oo, yes please! More on gathering, what are the different craft skills used for (there seem to be loads and I’m not really sure what they all even make), and where’s your favourite crafting location!


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