Foof ‘er? I hardly knew ‘er!

You know how this works: if you’ve linked to me (thanks!) and I’ve not linked to you, let me know here and I’ll remedy the situation. Unless you’re a post-stealing, shady pretend-blogging site in which case you can bite me, or maybe I’ll bite you. And if you’re a Russian spammy dodgy watch-selling site, same deal. Though for all I know they’re perfectly legit; my Cyrillic is a little rusty. Riiiight.

And oooh, the noive! The foofery google image title has been usurped! This shall not go unfought! Meanwhile, the usurper can have a free link and wonder what the hell this strange site is that’s linking to him. Go internet freedom! (Good blog/site name too.)

This means it’s time for a foofery picture. Hrm… I know! I’ll steal Arbitrary’s schtick and find a cute baby animal! (Cute baby animal… tautology?)


EDIT – Here’s a new one: Caladwen’s Gaming Blog – say, r u a girl irl? (Prompted by Rivs’s Project Gender Bender, which he needs to update! stat!)

EDIT2 — and another, Bootae’s Bloody Blog, which confuses me because I’m sure I had that one already. Sorry Boots – maybe I got frisky with the delete links button one day and didn’t realise the havoc I was wreaking. (And btw, you Americans and your kerniggits, it’s WROUGHT!! not WREAKED!! I don’t care what the dictionaries say, and I don’t care that it’s perfectly acceptable modern usage. Bah humbug. Bring back gaslight, floggings, and excessive use of whalebone. Tally ho!)

EDIT3 — I know I added this site months ago. Okay, apparently I didn’t… Today is “show Ysharros how senile she’s getting” day. /headdesk. Anyway, ya, here: Portraits of WAR. Good art n stuff!

15 responses to “Foof ‘er? I hardly knew ‘er!

  1. Exodar is strangely devoid of anyone. To get some good stories I’m gonna have to get drunk on some dwarven ale, and strip in Stormwind.


  2. That picture is adorable. I was going to come up with a post that sounded like the various Russian spam artists but I’m not creative this morning.

    So I will stick with my point that the picture is adorable.


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  4. Yes girls play EQ2 and most of us are damn good at it too!! I know a few that should /delete tho 😀


  5. I just double checked myself, I could swear I had you on my blogroll already. Nevermind, you are in my list now 🙂


  6. “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Apple ’fesses up to 7200 RPM HDD issues, aims to dispatch a fix forthwith”

    That had me stumped for a while.


  7. *Waves* Thanks for linking back to me!
    And yes, I am a girl. Sounds like a trick question though 🙂
    Project gender bender was an interesting read!
    It reminded me of this girl I met in a PUG who plays a male toon and said that she picked a male because she found that people listened to her (obeyed her?) thinking she was a guy…!


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