As some of you already know from Twitter (twit and proud of it! …?), Hurricane Mater has made landfall again, this time for three whole weeks! I’m happy about it, of course, not being at that age where mere proximity to my parents gives me hives, but I know for a fact that it’ll cramp my gaming style but good.

Ironically, of course, when you can’t play is when you really want to. I’d actually much rather be doing the stuff with my mum that we’re doing, but the “want to play” is there simply because there’s no time for it.

On the bright side (I’ve been infected by Overly Positive!) it’s so much better to want to play than to think bleeeh, I have no idea what to do.

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  1. [emperor]Yes, that’s right…feel the positive flooooow through you[/emperor].

    I think that being cut off from the tech you want to experience is rough, especially for those of us who have professions attached to the computer. Still, this makes the resuming of playtime all the more sweeter.


  2. I here you! I’m salivating over a couple MMOs (Fallen Earth and CO) but can’t play for a while… I stare at the PC wistfully, then go drown my sorrows in Diet Coke and Oreos.


  3. Am I the only one who thinks of Mater from the Pixar movie Cars every time Ysh says that? I have this bizarre mental image of her mother talking like Larry the Cable Guy…


    • Yes, because you’re odd. 😉

      It’s common(ish) slang for Mother in the UK, since it’s the latin form. I guess here in the US people are just as likely to think that I’m shortening “tomato” — which, you may remember, I would pronounce toe-MAH-toe anyway. 😀


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