MMO Hell is Other People

When I was thirteen or so, a precociously self-righteous proto-puritan at the American School in Dakar (where my mother was posted at the time) told me, helpfully, that I was on the highway to hell. At the time, I figured if it was good enough for AC/DC, it was probably good enough for me. A few weeks later she got her finger dislocated by the string on a tetherball thingy, so nyeerrrh to her, I say. (That I was her opponent at the time has nothing to do with anything, but I did pwn her pansy ass.)

Anyway, thanks to Stropp and Ctrl+Alt+Del, I’ve at least found out which circle I belong to. As with Stropp, it’s pretty obvious I’ll end up in the Third Circle. The fate of MMO Elitists made me laugh too: endlessly forced to equip gear ten levels too low for them.

You’ll have to clicky. Is not polite to rip people’s web comix and anyway, Ctrl+Alt+Del is well worth a visit. Thanks for reminding me, Stropp!


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