Hiatus? Hiatus!

(Said in the voice of that #$(*^@ NPC in the Dragon Age party camp — the one who does enchantments. Some NPCs should be permanently muzzled.)

I’ve discovered the joys of not having to figure out what I’m going to post on a given day. More to the point, I don’t have much impetus to post right now, and a lot of other things drawing my attention away. I’m therefore taking my own advice and — well, if not exactly taking a break, at least reserving the right to post very infrequently for a while.

Enjoy whatever it is you’re playing at the moment!

9 responses to “Hiatus? Hiatus!

    • Well, if it’s anything like last time I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to post, I’ll suddenly end up going on a posting spree. Life’s perverse like that. 😛


  1. But… But.. But… I just found your blog! You can’t go, this blog exists to serve me! 😉

    Enjoy your vacation, posting that feels forced leads to burnout, and no one likes that.


  2. I’ve stopped trying to force myself to post every day and now only post when the muse strikes me. Fortunately that’s most days but if I don’t post a couple of days a week, so be it.


  3. Enjoy the break, Ysh! I’ve found it’s better to *not* try to force yourself to post more than you’re interested in doing. Hence my “I quit” post quickly retracted on Fires of War, hehe. See you when you get back!


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