Launch Daze

I’ve finally realised that I’ve outgrown wanting to be around for launch days — be they for entire MMOs or just for events in said MMOs. Most of the time launch day is laggy or buggy, which latter will generally mean the servers get taken down for some emergency hotfixes, which means you either get to stand around lagging or wait around to get back online.

Most of the time playing on launch day is more waiting than playing, and more irritating than fun.

I’m sure there are lots of people out there who will tell me that nothing beats the excitement and the shiny-new, still wet with dev sweat smell. Well, not for me. I’m misanthropic enough to dislike the crowds of ravening fans, be they pixellated or standing in the street with me. Waiting in line for a movie to open? So not me. Waiting in line to get a book on launch day? Please. I wasn’t there when A Christmas Carol was published and it’s still a cracking good story.

It’ll all still be there tomorrow. It’s not as impossible to avoid spoilers as people seem to think (especially since I don’t have a cellphone umbilical, which means I really can get away from the rest of the world), and most spoilers aren’t much of a problem anyway. And you know what? It’ll taste just as good tomorrow, too.

In the meantime, those of you who love the crush and bother of such things can rest assured you’re one step closer to the front of the line since I’m not in it. Me, I’m going to check out EQ2’s new Frostfell event. It launched yesterday (or the day before, I forget) and should be both stable and somewhat less hysterical now.

And here, have some dragon screenies for lagniappe. I took em, you might as well see em!

Dragon in Lavastorm

Tunare quest dragon - "Whaddaya mean, you don't speak wood elf?!"

Dragon motif in Everfrost

Being John Scroogeovich

7 responses to “Launch Daze

  1. Yeah. I don’t get hyper about launch days for some similar reasons. Also, lately, launch times seem to translate more into work rather than play. It’s a similar rat race I deal with during the day at the real job. No need to have that in the games I play too.


  2. Despite having fun in the Allods Online beta, I’ll be avoiding launch day for much the same reason. I’ll probably let the early adopter nutters rampage around the place a bit before I settle in for some nice “behind the curve” meandering. It’s quieter that way.


  3. Totally with you when you say “It’ll be there tomorrow.”

    I don’t see the need to rush right in and be 1st for anything in an MMO. Back when RoK came out and I was doing the Bertox deity quest line on my warlock I was getting server discoveries for the quest items, so obviously I was “1st” to do the quests, but I didn’t care at all. I just wanted to finish the quests and get my (useless) cloak and my (useful) miracles/blessings.


  4. Thanks to you and Stargrace, I’ve decided during my long xmas vacation to start playing EQ2 again.

    So far its a lot of fun and look forward to doing some of that epic crafting you often speak of.


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