Fack off I’m stuffed

“Guests are like fish: after three days, they both begin to stink.”

I have no idea where that comes from, since it could be attributed to just about any culture anywhere, but it’s very true. As I’m discovering, it also holds true for game events, though I’d say the decomp rate is a little slower.

EQ2 currently has 3? 4? — a lot of events running. There’s the Frostfell event, where you can go get a present every single day with every single character, make a ton of fun stuff that can only be made in the Frostfell area while it lasts, as well as do a relatively entertaining little dungeon and earn tokens to buy cool ice-themed furniture and armour. Then there’s the City Festival event, which made its debut in Kelethin a few days ago — that’s much smaller, but it still boasts a nice selection of housing items and clothing to obtain — which you won’t be able to access for several months once the festival leaves, since it’ll be touring other cities at the rate of one a month in the meantime. It makes use of the city tokens that were introduced a few weeks ago as rewards for doing writs (adventure or crafting). Then there’s the Will of the Tyrant event, which is a prequel to the upcoming Sentinel’s Fate expansion and includes a relatively short quest that can be done on either side for a title and some story info.

I think that’s all the events right now, but I might be missing one. Or two. At any rate, Frostfell and the Kelethin festival both bog off today, and — as I finally get to the point of my post — I’m rather glad to be seeing the back of them. There really is such a thing as partying too much.

I know, I know, I could log on and just ignore them, and to some extent in the last week I have. But knowing there are furniture and deco and clothing items to be got, and harvesting to be done… it’s like a constant tiny goad to me. I enjoy those things, see, but I have done. so. much. of them in the last few weeks that I feel like Mr Creosote being offered one more wafer thin mint.

It’ll be nice to go back to just randomly bimbling about. And EQ2 is such a great game to randombly bimble about in.

5 responses to “Fack off I’m stuffed

  1. I like the word bimble. 🙂

    Reading your posts and learning that it supposedly has an even more robust housing feature than LOTRO makes me want to play this bad… but I must resist or I will go into credit card debt.


  2. That’s a paraphrased quote by Dr. Benjamin Franklin, the man who also gave us such gems as “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

    That’s an interesting take on the issue… it’s rare for me to experience several events at once and so I’m unaccustomed to the problem, but I can see how it would start to bother me. I tend to be a completionist as well and lust after all the goodies offered in special events. Having multiple events going at once would lead to a bit of Special Goody Overload I wager.


  3. For me I add into the mix the “trying to learn all the essentials and tricks of playing” event. I don’t suspect it will last much longer, but it has been the dominant event in my EQ2 play time.


  4. I couldn’t have said it better! Way too many things going on at the same time. It’ll be nice to “bimble” about and not worry about “needing” to get those items before they are gone. 🙂


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