IronWoman LOTRO – And so it begins

Behold! Ysharros, Captain of Dale, on Elendilmir.

She’s a little on the pasty side, like she doesn’t get enough sun. I figured that was accurate enough for in-game personification of self. (Though for what it’s worth I’m not nearly as pale as when we lived in Texas. Here in the New Mexico mountains the sun — albeit bright — is kinder and doesn’t try to strangle you with heat and fumes.)

I’ve taken exactly one quest so far, and that one couldn’t be avoided unless I was willing to be trapped in beginner-instance limbo for the rest of the poor char’s life.

Skipping that intro area is actually not advised unless you’re really confident and/or twinked and/or otherwise somehow uber. You get dumped at level 3 (almost 4) with … well, not much. A sword, another weapon I immediately sold for training money, and the home-recall map. Critters outside the gate start at level 6, which is actually not too much of a challenge at level 3, but you also have to find those critters; the ones right outside the gate were a threatening, froth-jowled 7 and 8, so I nonchalantly sauntered past them (quickly) and found myself some smaller fry.

I stuck mostly with wolves, because the boars are diseased and I had no potions or anything else, and disease = downtime (if you let it slow you down, which I didn’t) and because spiders don’t drop hides. Hides can be processed and sold, and I suspect money will be an issue — not that the quests really reward much, but quests give gear and without the quest rewards I’ll have to buy or make my own. So below: random lupine victim #1 of many. He never knew what hit him.

And then, as I ran around the woods outside Archet trying to work out what I should do with myself (and also levelling to 5 while I was about it), I remembered something. The brigand hideout nearby contains a clicky ancient-stony thing that, if clickied, opens or updates a deed. Deeds! Deeds give xp and don’t count as quests. I hope. If they count as quests this is going to be one long and strange journey. For the time being I’ve ruled that deeds don’t count, especially since so many of them are actually automatic. If I can’t kill anything or use any skills for fear of incrementing a deed, it’s going to be a very *short* journey.

I was going to stay in the Archet area till I hit level 6 but, to be quite honest, I got a little bored of spiders and boars and wolves (oh my!) about halfway through the level. And since I was right near the Combe gate I killed the extra-diseased boar that for some reason known only to itself is guarding some poor crafter’s tools (though the crafter will have to get some other chump to actually fetch those tools for him)… and moved on.

Crafting will be a must — or, more accurately, harvesting. The plan is to harvest everything I see and sell my harvests on the auction house. Let’s hope there’s a demand on this server… and let’s hope I can a) resist the lure of making alts just to use up my harvests and b) resist the urge to use up my harvests because I can’t help crafting. The smart thing is to sell raw materials for silly money and thus be able to buy the few things I’ll need to adventure.

Anyway — I picked Explorer, partly because they can harvest everything and partly because I never really got a feel for the other “harvesting” prof, farmers. I’m used to switching between metal and wood tracking on the fly and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make twice as much shiny coin.

And now… I think I’ll head to the Shire. I know the Shire inside out and back to front from the beta days (and it hasn’t changed that much in the 3+ years since); the critters are more manageable; and finally, for some reason the Shire is absolutely and hands-down THE best place to harvest tier 1 resources.

It’s been oddly fun so far. I don’t know much about the Captain class, so it’ll be interesting to learn how she plays; and in a weird way it’s extremely liberating to neither have to take nor complete any quests.

We’ll see how it goes.

Leaving Combe — exit stage left, pursued by a bear.

7 responses to “IronWoman LOTRO – And so it begins

  1. So you’re trying to level up without doing quests? How can you resist that xp? Captain is a strange class that I never got too far along in. The Herald was such a goofy sidekick. I might have even named mine Goofy or Doofus. Good luck in your adventures!


    • Heh. No, I’m trying to not do quests for a week. It seems I’m also challenging the notion that MMOs are all, entirely, and purely about levelling up.


  2. There is nothing strangling about the heat and fumes of Texas…or maybe there is if one actually ventured outside during the summer months. 🙂

    Your comment about your characters skin color made me think about how cool it would be if your characters skin tanned/ character actually aged as the levels progressed. I know that Fable featured some sort of system like that so why not add that sort of depth to an MMO?

    Good luck on your LOTRO travels. I’m planning on picking up the game in September when it goes free-to-play. Cheers!


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