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Since everyone else is taking a scalpel to their 2010 predictions, I think I’ll do the same to mine. Yes, I know two links does not “everyone else” make but it’s all I could remember. I’m bleary right now!

Betcha didn’t even know I’d made predictions, didja? Well, I did, although they’re so vague as to be almost good enough to let me run for political office, and this is where they originally appeared.

1. My very general prediction is that there will be no WoW-killer (not counting Cataclysm, but that’s deliberate), that people will continue to look for one all the same, and that a few games will do well on a non-WoW-killing standard while many many others end up faceplanting. Star Trek Online will do all right — it’ll explode with interest and then settle down… provided it’s actually a halfway playable game, which I have no idea about since I didn’t shell out for Champions and therefore didn’t get the STO guaranteed beta spot.

Yep, yep, um not really, yep.

There will never be a WoW-killer unless Blizzard makes it themselves, and even then I’m not 100% sure it would kill WoW. I think it would get a butt-ton of comparisons and a lot of complaints that “it’s too much like WoW!” or “it’s not enough like WoW!” and either way that freaking 800lb gorilla is cast in bronze in the MMO room for-freaking-ever.

Since by “games” I meant MMOs, I’m not sure that a few games doing well is a fair prediction. Depends how you define “well,” really (see below). There was a lot of tepidity and yes, there was faceplanting – FFXIV and efforts to contain the disaster notwithstanding. Ironically, FFXIV is a game I plan on trying as soon as I have that much cash to throw away (so probably around 2019), because for all the bad things one hears, one hears some good things too.

STO… doing “all right” rather depends on how you define all right. Sort of like still breathing could be taken to mean “in the best of health”. I didn’t get into  the beta, I didn’t buy the game, and I haven’t really wanted to buy the game. I still wanted STO to do well though, and I’m not sure it is. Which is a shame. Speaking of which, I also didn’t shell out for Champions Online. Or for Aion. I think 2009 and 2010 mark the first years where I didn’t at least buy-and-try the major AAA MMO releases. That’s probably interesting in some way.

I predict that in 2010 I will be in less betas than in 2009 and 2008 and 2007

Hah! Nailed that one! Go me!

Helps that it was a purely personal prediction, doesn’t it. I didn’t apply for a whole lot of betas and I got into even less, though I did get into some betas I hadn’t even applied for. And since playing a beta isn’t the same as applying, I’m right on the money with the prediction. I only made it to the character creation screen in the FFXIV open beta, and I can’t remember any other betas I’ve been in this year (for upcoming games – I’m not counting expansion betas for established games).

I predict that we will get a damn sight more information about The Secret World in 2010, because it’s the only MMO in development that really really interests me right now. Well, apart from 38 Studios’ so-seekrit Copernicus. And World of Darkness MMO.

Yeah… Not so much, for any of those. Oh sure, dribs and drabs of info throughout the months, but nothing to wet one’s pants about. If one still did that sort of thing. Which nobody can prove one does.

Oh, and I predict that Ragnar Tørnquist will personally offer me a beta spot in TSW.

What can I say. Hope springs eternal and is eternally dashed. I may not have stalked TSW info in the last few months, but it’s still a huge blip on my radar. This one I WILL froth about and this one I WILL be unreasonably enthusiastic about regardless of any genuine info. Which makes me a fangrrrl. Oh well; had to happen sometime.

I don’t think I want to make any 2011 predictions yet, though since it’s shaping up to be a much busier year, release-wise, than 2010 was, any predictions we make should be interesting to look back on. Maybe between now and the new year.

In the meantime, have a smashing holiday. NOT literally, unless someone bought you a special smashy-toy. You’ll put your eye out!

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  1. The Secret World information is turning out to be a sore subject. I know Ragnar likes to play things close to the chest, but it is getting ridiculous when after six months all you get is concept art for London. We know what London looks like!!


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