Which are you?

Been a long time since I did a poll, and while the results here probably won’t be all that representative (I suspect this blog appeals more to a given type of reader and player than another), I’m interested to know what comes out. I’ll explain in more detail in a day or two… or leave you all guessing forever!!

After the truly ridiculous amount of pr0n spam Akismet has fielded for me in the last 6 weeks I probably shouldn’t even write the word in a post, just in case, but what I want to know is:

Do you consider yourself a hardcore player?

I’m not asking for reasons, explanations, or anything. Just whether, right off the bat, you think you are.

More anon.

8 responses to “Which are you?

  1. I’m not really into theorycrafting or min/maxing, but I do have a habit of playing a MMO pretty seriously, like for long hours. So does that make me hardcore?


  2. i don’t consider myself hardcore but i see how this is subjective – compared to some of my friends i’m totally hardcore, compared to another group – i’m 100% carebear casual.

    i recently saw an article about how some publishers divide their target populations and it was interesting to see their definitions as well as groups. Both 2 cited f.e. divided players into 3 groups instead of 2 with an intermediate group that serves as a medium for the hardcore and casual.

    from memory – the hardocres were defined as players who play about 10 to 20 of the new games in the year, follow gaming sites, developer studios and know “big names” from the developers; intermediate players – play about 3-5 of the big titles for the year, know many hardcore players that they use for information and guidance, and know many casual gamers, who they guide; casual gamers play 1-2 games a year but may vary in frequency greatly – i.e. they could play just one game but put in many hours in it and be very skillful in it.


  3. Not any more. I dip in & out of EQ.

    Marriage, mortgage & Children take precedent nowadays…

    Although, I still get twitchy when I think about Khelkar Icepaw, never did get the damn lute. Shame there’s nobody around to group with!


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