Short, not sweet

Supposed to refer to this post, but I guess it could refer to me too. I slay me.

1. Hot summer is hot. Where can I find a place that’s 70 degrees (20C) all year round?

On the bright side, it’s so dry here in New Mexico that hot here isn’t nearly as hot as, er, hot in humid places. I should probably work on that sentence a bit more.

2. Bad health sucks. It insinuates tendrils in all parts of your life and makes just about everything more difficult.

I’m not whining (much), just observing. My sympathies to anyone else who’s going through chronic health issues.

3. Work is harder when you’re sick.

Especially if you have a lot of it and feel sick most of the time. Oh, woe is me.

4. Only a month to go to TSW launch if it’s on time. /Snoopydance

I really really want to say more but I can’t so I won’t. I swear, work and health be damned, I’m taking a week off right around July 3rd.


5 responses to “Short, not sweet

  1. I’m just around the bend in Utah… and while I’m not fan of heat (I prefer mid 60s), it’s worlds better than my time in Alabama. Humidity + heat = miserable Tesh. …and speaking of health, I blame Alabama for a sinus infection that I’ve had for 15 years now. Not sure if that’s fair, but I do it anyway. 😛

    Anywho, best wishes!


  2. I’ve spend 75% of my life in Florida or South Carolina. I don’t know what heat without humidity feels like. And I probably wouldn’t like it if I did. (-: And I can’t wait for the gag order to come off. I’ll be right there with you on the 3rd.


  3. come to California, particularly Fremont or San Diego. Nice temperature all year round. Then you’ll start to miss the seasons lol.


    • Allow me to edit:
      Where can I find a place that’s 70 degrees (20C) all year round that I can afford? 😀

      I loved San Diego the one time I’ve been there, but I doubt I’m making enough money to actually live there.


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