TSW – The Dreaded Alt Quandary

I know, I know, we don’tneed alts in The Secret World. And yet, here I am.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m having a hard time getting into the game the way I want to. Not because I don’t love the game, far from it, but there’s a certain distance there that I want to bridge in order to really ‘immerse’ myself  (apply whatever definition of the word suits you).

For one thing, I felt as though I was going too fast with Ysharros, zipping through some stuff because I’d seen it in beta, ignoring all the lovely conversation options with NPCs because I’d seen them in beta, not letting my sense of wonder out of the box because I’d seen it in beta.

Ysharros – Grim

A large part of the problem seems to be my comparing myself to a close RL friend who is also playing, and who is a fast leveller. She’s already in the Savage Coast – hell, I suspect she’s in the Blue Mountains by now, and for some reason I keep feeling like I’m being left behind. Thing is, it’s not like she’s telling me to hurry up – I have my pace, she has hers, and there’s no question that one should hurry or wait for the other. But I still felt like I was or needed to be playing catch-up.

So this morning I made a character on the RP server – err, dimension, which is something I was wanting to do anyway. (Marvellous as it is, the one thing my long, long-time guild is not is an RP guild. It’s not even particularly supportive of RP, though it doesn’t disparage or prevent it. But we have some players who are made very uncomfortable by the concept – so yeah, not an RP guild.)

Mysericorde – Arcadia (RP)

All hail Mysericorde (curses to whoever got the original!), another Dragon. I hesitated at the faction screen for quite a while between Templar and Dragon, but Myz already knew what she was and, while she could probably have joined either (she’s a morally limber type), that whole flexibility made her seem more one than the other. Someday though I’m going to make a Templar-rad who wants to change things from the inside – I’ve always loved me a good rebel with an impossible cause.

Given that I know what a misericorde actually is, I was very tempted to go blades even though there’s no such thing as daggers. Then I decided I was being too literal and also decided to push my comfort envelope a little with starting weapons. I’ve not been terribly attracted to pistols in TSW so far, but that’s what I’m trying for now. Probably paired with Blood Magic (which I think follows the Assassin deck template, iirc, but don’t quote me).

The thing is, Myz is going to be taking her time. Myz has a personality that isn’t entirely my own and that isn’t simply an extension of myself, as my Ysharros characters tend to be. I’m not sure how much I’ll RP with folks, but I certainly won’t get in the way of it and I’m open to it despite my previously-stated discomfort with MMO-based RP. Give me a table and paper (and maybe some dice) and I’m much more comfortable – but we’ll see.

Point being, if Myz isn’t comfortable with her chosen weapons, she’ll take the time to train herself in others. She has lots of questions, which will take time to answer, and she has plans and long-term goals, which may change as she finds out more. But whether I want to or not, she’s going to stop and talk to anyone who has anything at all to say, and you can be damn sure she’ll be taking notes and trying to put everything together.

The only downside when it comes to playing with my RL friend (which we don’t do too often anyway, our pace is too different) is that I won’t be able to PvP with her since that’s dimension-specific. And that’s it. So what’s the harm in me moulding the game and my playstyle to my liking rather than… whatever it was I was doing the last few days? None.

No real point to this other than that if you’re not entirely comfortable in TSW yourself, for whatever reason – you have enough options available to try to make it fit you better. It’s worth a shot. This isn’t WoW. If I have one piece of advice to give to most, it’s don’t race to the finish. In this one the journey really IS the answer.

Edit – Oh yeah, and I added a few screenies to the TSW screens page.

9 responses to “TSW – The Dreaded Alt Quandary

  1. That is the Assassin deck. That’s my current long range plans for one my two characters, both of whom are on the RP server…err, dimension. For once I didn’t roll an alt for fun, I rolled one because the other is glitch locked and support thinks it may be awhile before they have a fix. /-:


    • Yeah, my friend’s char was glitch-locked for a day or so. She could *play* just fine, but chat- and social-server connections were gone. No chat (whatsoever), couldn’t receive tells because the game kept saying she wasn’t online (when she was standing right next to me), game didn’t think she was in a cabal (even though I could clearly see her tag), etc.

      The patch on the 1st or 2nd cleared that up for her, as far as I know. Hopefully your glitch issue will get fixed too.


  2. I’m doing the same with with my Dragon – I’m loving the fact you need to click each conversational option several times before you exhaust all the NPC has to say. And I think I’ve spotted a clue in London!


    • Good to see you playing. 😉 Hopefully we’ll get a chance to jabber at some point, though in the last few days I’ve WANTED to play far more than I’ve had actual TIME to play. Typical.

      And this arvo (it being a holiday here) we get to go out, stick half a pound of butter up something’s arse and throw it on the barbie, so it’ll likely be a while before I’m on again, hah.


  3. I rolled someone in each faction, all on the RP dimension. I’m a mild roleplayer in MMOs (my characters DO tend to be reflections of me in some fashion, but each has some long-established quircks too).

    The one thing I’ve run into so far is that my husband and I have been duoing for so long that we’ve lost the grouping habit – and the dungeons really do need a full group. But we too are reading all the dialogues and watching all the cutscenes, so I’m not really in a hurry to group with people who might not want to take that time.


  4. I have just taken my first peek into Savage Coast and I feel that is still a bit too fast really; but I also do have an alt to do a few different things with. Same dimension as my other one, but different faction.

    But if I had not played anything in the beta weekends I would probably still run around in Kingsmouth and/or the hub cities.


  5. Yolari and I jumped into The Secret World beta this weekend, and as I secretly suspected, my reactions were mixed. Overall I was pleasantly surprised, but as others are saying, this game is high quality but also a little sketchy in the bright lights of “primetime”–a release in a couple weeks. I’m not going to write a lot. I haven’t gotten that far.


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