Jiggety jig

No fat pig bought, but a busy 10 days spent in France both to sort out the usual sorty-outy stuff following my dad’s death and to catch up with my step-mother (who had to be there for the same reasons). And yes, we did go to the market; French markets are ace. Much bread, cheese & meat was bought, along with giganormous bouquets of whatever the hell flowers are seasonal – I don’t garden, but most of them were purple and orange – and some hand-made soaps for gifts to people here which had every single security check between Blois and Albuquerque (3 to be exact) examining my carryon for explosive residue. Oops.

It’s amazing how much you have to run around in France just to get the most basic things done; the only thing we’re even marginally efficient about is food, and even that takes time if it’s to be done right and properly enjoyed. I also managed to forget that in August, EVERYONE in France goes on holiday, or vacation as you Americans like to call it. Offices run on skeleton staffs when they don’t just close outright for 2 weeks, people don’t want to give you appointments (too many Facebook updates to catch up with then they do make it back to the office), and overall somehow WE were the inconsiderate ones for needing to do annoying stuff like, you know, let various entities know that there had been a death in the family and all the other stuff that comes with it. Dad, being French himself, really ought to have had better timing.

Nothing happened that warrants posting in what is still mostly a gaming blog, apart from a much-delayed flight back to the US (5 bloody hours) and further delays on connecting flights once I was got there. I am now officially too old to be awake 26 hours in a row – granted, I dozed in various planes, but in some cases (and yesterday was one of them) that dozing only seems to end up making you feel even more tired.

Currently the proud owner of a juniper-offended nose (welcome-home allergies for the metaphorically-challenged) and 2 perfectly poached eyeballs. Someone pass the Hollandaise sauce and some Canadian bacon.

Normal service may or may not resume next week. I haven’t played anything (even Freecell) in the last couple of weeks and the GW2 launch happened while I was sitting in the Charles-de-Gaulle airport lounge trying to convince United Airlines people that mere hydraulic & pressure issues shouldn’t prevent our plane from flying 5000 miles. Initial reports on GW2 seem pretty favourable so far – going only by FB and twitter and whatnot. My RSS feed too can wait another day.

EDIT: Oooh and WordPress’ quote for the day when I posted, which needs to be reproduced here because I’m so concise and to the point. Always. Yep, that’s me. Shorter is better. More matter, less art. Anyway:

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

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  2. Hope everything went as well as these things can and that there wasn’t anything ill-tempered within the family, as can so often (sadly) happen at such times.


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