Saving City of Heroes – linkage

This is as much for my own use as anything else – I came across this post yesterday but haven’t had time to do more than scan it. Thanks to whoever else I read who linked it in the first place, even if I don’t remember who you are!

City of Heroes / Villains: An End of the World Event

I was surprised to see a large spike in my site traffic today, especially to older posts about how many players CoH/V had. Then I looked further and saw that NCsoft announced its intentions to shut down CoH/V and Paragon Studios. This has taken a lot of people by surprise, given that it seemed that CoH/V was doing well since its conversion to F2P and lots of extra things being announced.

Go read it, it looks very interesting. I know I will once I get done with work (yes, I’m skiving off for a quick blog post because I need the sanity break, relatively-speaking).

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