Woe is me

This is what happens when you put your blog on life-support: WordPress disses you in the summaries.

I’m old, and even *I* don’t think 2010 is recent…


But it’s all grist for the reborn blogging mill – if I were that cut-up about it, I probably would be sniveling in a corner instead of posting my shame for the world to see. Next thing you know I’ll be posting opinions about gaming again or something crazy like that.

A good sense of humour starts with oneself, I find. There’s your aphorism for the day.

5 responses to “Woe is me

  1. That’s okay, my most active day was when I posted a review for TERA. Because of all the posts I’ve ever done, that is the one I should be internet famous for. ::facepalm::


    • I’m usually not, but the way that family was going I might have been very tempted. Fortunately I have other things to play at the moment.


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