SWG – May the Fourth be with you

I had to.

The screenshot has the UI in it so SWG-oldies can see nothing has really changed. Which is both good and bad. Remember the auto-targeting?


Got some playing time in during the weekend, even if it was less than I would have liked because I’m still sick and yes Mum, I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. (At 7:30 in the morning. Who DOES that? Military doctors, that’s who. Ungh.)

Ysharros is now 4-4-2-4 in Creature Handler, while my crafty characters have done exactly nothing other than leech all Ysharros’ hard-earned credits. Making money as a crafter is going to be difficult on a server where everyone can have 10 characters and some of the older players probably do. You don’t see 2-4 vendors in most houses, you see 5-8, and the malls have over a dozen. The South Eisley mall has so many vendors in the guild hall main room that you can’t even tell what their names are. Doesn’t help that they’re all identical, which wasn’t a style call I would have made, but other than that it’s an impressive shopping venue — and for all I know, it’s all run by one player.

So for the time being, Ysharros is the money-maker, which means there isn’t much money floating around because I only have a very small capacity for fighting things just to be fighting things. Instead, I spent my buffs going to Endor and taming everything that moved, which included a cowardly gurreck, a couple of mereks (nasty male drow looking things, spiders with humanoid torsos and heads), and a mantigrue. No real gurreck and no bluurg – yet. But anyway, I’m not making money very fast because I get distracted and/or have to quit and go lie down.

But hey, who cares. It’s SWG. 🙂

Last but not least, for those who want to come back and take a look, check out Obzzarver’s site. It’s where we’re hanging out. We’re currently trying to decide on a guild to join because who knows how long the nostalgia kick will last for any of us, so making our own is not the best idea.

2 responses to “SWG – May the Fourth be with you

  1. I’m Ms. Alt-itis as always so I haven’t anyone in the upper level boxes. Despite the small population I am hopeful I can offer plenty of interesting wares.
    I looked at the site for the proposed guild/city folks and was so impressed. As far as I can see, they get everything right.
    Though I’m not a fan of in game voice, I’ll check in on Teamspeak once I set it up and dig out my headset.


    • We’re currently flirting with SWG-U too, who have been around Mos Eisley the last few days and seem to be a really nice bunch of people too. It’s nice to have too many choices!

      As for voice chat – I was *very* not into it for a long time, for many reasons, but with the right people it’s actually a nice addition to gaming. And the Donkey Business group are as nice as they come.

      One of these days I’ll manage to be online at the same time as you. 😉


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