You know it’s summer when…

… you think Oh jeez, I’d better log into an MMO or my harvesters/garrison/housing will go up in smoke. It’s the summer doldrums, which means that despite the lovely Steam sale and all, I’d rather be anywhere but sitting at my desk staring at a screen. I have a million games to play and nothing’s really grabbing me.

  • I haven’t even logged into WoW since the 6.2 patch, so I really should check that out.
  • My harvesters are almost certainly burning to the ground in SWG. Almost everyone from the early return-rush seems to be gone, and I’m in a really big guild (with lots of names) that has absolutely no guild chat, which I admit is a little disheartening. I don’t always want to be on TeamSpeak, dammit. (Actually these days I don’t want to be on voice chat at all. I’m having a hermit month.)
  • It’s The Secret World’s third anniversary event and there are goodies. Or it was. For all I know I’ve missed that too…
  • The spousal unit is back in EVE and making beckoning gestures; apparently it’s somewhat improved since our last foray in… (checks old posts) 2010. Eh, maybe. Maybe not.
  • Everyone’s raving about the FFXIV expansion. Eh, maybe.
  • The Repopulation has sat unplayed on my desktop for a couple of weeks. Not that I didn’t like it, but apparently it didn’t grab me. Which may have more to do with the whole summer doldrums thing than with the game itself, which is okay (up that to “pretty good” considering the development stage it’s in).
  • I’ve been a contributor to Shroud of the Avatar since, err… last year sometime? And have logged into it exactly once. I should check that out too, since I did put money into it and I love the folks who are developing it.
  • And then there’s all the non-MMO games I haven’t touched either… Sims 4, various Steam games (including Torchlight 2 and I’ve already forgotten what else), Dragon Age Inquisition (remember that first session I blogged about? Well, that was also the last session)… The list goes on.

But all I feel is meh. Meh MEh MEH MEH MEEEEEEEH. In a couple of months it’ll cool down and I’ll want to play again.

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6 responses to “You know it’s summer when…

  1. I’m with you! It is a particularly beautiful summer and I just want to be outside as much as possible. All sorts of things beckon game wise, but sunshine tends to win the day. I’m on SWG every day, sometimes quite late, but I’ve always been a night owl.
    I do like what I’ve tried of Wow 6.2 content, and I can finally say I love the game, but I’m just not on too much.
    Something about summer makes me think of re-loading Oblivion, but I haven’t done that either.
    News of Fallout 4 makes me wish I had gone farther in Fallout 3, but in truth once I got the dog I couldn’t go on for fear something would happen to him. Silly, I know.


    • “but in truth once I got the dog I couldn’t go on for fear something would happen to him”

      not silly at all. I’d end up doing the same if I’d played it.


  2. Get outside, go on a date with the spousel unit…do something entirely different. I promise you even old games will shine again. But get away from the monitor. there is no shame in this. I do it every few weeks. When I come back, I love my games again. Thing is, enjoy the games, but don’t let them define you. Try out something insanely different like…I dunno, having a whole weekend without internet (GASP). Or going out to a nearby tourist trap, or take the spouse to a river tube ride. Just do something completely off the hook. When you get back you will love your games even more!!!


  3. Ysh, have you tried Trove? I’ve played it for a couple of days now and it seems life a crafter’s paradise. Guilds can have WORLDS to build! I’ve been having a ton of fun with it!


    • I haven’t tried it yet actually. I’m not overly keen on Glyph after the way they handled ArcheAge, but it might be worth a shot. 🙂


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