Wot I’m Playing – September 2015

This is a total cop-out post because I’m not actually playing anything, hee hee, ho ho. So you’re about to be regaled with all the games I’m not playing, which has been a quarterly litany this year.

WARNING: Do not click the subheading links unless you want to watch extremely silly and definitely NSFW comedians on YouTube. YHBW.

A Compuder

I’m not playing WoW, even though the Draenor flying patch is in and whatnot. Not for lack of interest — well okay, partly for lack of interest — actually, wait, almost totally for lack of interest. And not just in Warcraft. Nothing is really calling my name these days. I’m also not playing TSW, though I keep both games up to date. I’ll have to log back into TSW soon, if only to take more screenshots. Easily the best game evar for moody and evocative screenshots — and for allowing me to make a character that looks the way I would totally love to look in that grindy-ass Real Life game.

It doesn’t help that MMOs are better with other people. But other people tend to play in the evenings, and in the last 6-36 months I’ve tended to conk out right around the time the sun goes down. (Turns out that’s almost certainly the medications I’m on and not just some weird mutation that’s turning me into a sloth, but that’s a whole other story for another time.)

I got all up in ARK‘s business for what, a week? … and haven’t fired it up since. (Playing alone probably didn’t help that one.) I played Shadowrun: Hong Kong and that was super fun, but when I thought I was about a third of  the way in it turns out I was almost at the end, and I finished it before I truly realised what was happening. Super fun but too damn short! Of course, it includes some sort of development platform so maybe there will be other adventures to play. It was never intended to be another Skyrim or Witcher, after all.

Speaking of the Witcher, been meaning to pick up the 3 that people are raving about but haven’t got round to that either yet. In fact, if you were to check my to-do list you’d notice I haven’t done a single item on it.

I haven’t played my new Sims 4 Legacy family in over a month — but there I’m not so worried, because I always go back to the Sims. After looking down my nose at that game for a number of years (and incarnations 1 and 2), I picked up Sims 3 on a whim in 2009 and have been pretty regularly hooked ever since. I don’t play it all the time, but I do play it several times a year for a month or so. So the Stylishes will be back, sooner or later, and I may even post about them someday.

What I have been doing is preparing for the impending parental visit. My mum will be staying with us for ONE. WHOLE. MONTH., so we have to brace ourselves and assume crash positions. And clean the house. Lots and lots and lots of cleaning the house.


Me? Mobile games? With my reputation?

It’s also possible I’ve been *cough* playing a few mobile games. I never did get the point of those until I got a decent tablet; the only games I have on my phone are sudoku, crosswords and a Bejeweled clone and I hardly ever play those as it is. But on the iPad… hell, if it moves I’ve downloaded it. Well, not quite, but I’ve tried out a few games. And I spend a few moments every day doing whatever non-in-app-purchase moves I can do. Which isn’t many, but when you have about 6 games that’s about an hour’s worth.

I’m currently farting about with Happy Street (which fails to hook me but is super cute and so easy it hurts, and it’s all Syl’s fault), Paradise Bay (ditto with nice Disney-like graphics), Adventure Capitalist (seriously, making money to buy more stuff and make more money faster? I might as well be raiding), Best Fiends (which is super cute and kind of fun, since I like match-3 games), and the standard crosswords, sudoku and mahjongg.

Le tabletop game est sur la table

And of course there’s the attempt at a tabletop group and some games. There’s a G+ community going at the moment with a half-dozen folks, and we’ve met up a couple of times on Roll20. Yesterday we did some character creation with about half the group and will fit the other half in as and when schedules allow.

[Tangent-ish: speaking of which, because the schedules and time zones of the current dirty half-dozen are so hard to reconcile, I’d be happy to sort out two or even more groups – playing or GMing, I’m easy. So if you’re interested in playing something FATE-related, or even finding out what the big deal is about FATE, leave your Pathfinder books at home and holler at me in the comments, or on G+.]

Oddly enough it never occurred to me that scheduling is possibly even harder online than it is in person. I expected it to be the opposite… but we have 2 players from the UK, 4 from the US East Coast, and me in the US South-west, which gives us a 7-hour time-zone spread and makes things a little complicated. Add to that some odd work schedules (some folks have non-Sat/Sun weekeneds, some work rotating shifts, some have pretty hefty workloads, we all have other external commitments, etc. etc. etc.) and I swear it’s been harder getting us to our computers and keyboards than it would be to head down to my local game shop and kidnap a few callow youths.

Problem is, I don’t want callow youths. One of the best things about getting older and being an experienced gamer is that you get to play with other older and/or experienced gamers — gamers who don’t think a dungeon crawl with 10,000 gp as a reward is the best thing you can get out of tabletop games. (Not that I have anything against a good Monty Haul campaign, mind you, but I did outgrow those in the 90s.) Or, to be a bit more tolerant of the chronologically-challenged, I don’t want inflexible callow youths. I want to play with folks who don’t mind stretching their gaming comfort zone, as I am currently trying to do.

In fact, what I’m really doing is trying out systems that formalise how my RL friends and I played for years. We didn’t always play so-called storytelling or story-heavy systems, but we always played them as though they were. Character was paramount (possibly herded by a literature major who has very definite opinions about whether character drives plot or the other way around *cough*). And–

And so on. Since this is still nominally an MMO blog, at least until I change the tagline at the top of the page, I won’t froth about tabletop gaming. But the 2 semi-sessions that have been managed have been fun so far; here’s hoping we’ll manage a few more.

The Obligatory Comment-Inducing Question at the End

And you? What have you been playing or wishing you had time to play? Do you think the moon is made of cheese? Who really shot JR? And was the ending of LOST lame or what?


8 responses to “Wot I’m Playing – September 2015

  1. The ending of Lost had nothing on True Blood. I fumed for days.

    Hubby & I have tried Seasonal leveling in Diablo 3 for the first time and turns out, it’s incredibly fun. Did not expect that. I already had all the classes to 70, but something about the fresh start with no possibility of succumbing to twinking, plus new items and dangly carrot rewards all adds up to nigh obsessive slackin’ and hashin’ hours away.

    I may be the only person who feels real guilt anytime I start deeply enjoying a game, because it means I’m neglecting all the other games where I have irons in the fire. At least virtual fires rarely need fanning. Except in Animal Crossing where weeds take over and your pals leave town.

    Elder Scrolls Online is the one I regret not keeping up with the most. Just bought a gorgeous feline mount and love playing whenever I do, creeping through at an unheroic snail’s pace, but it’s a blast for the Legerdemain hijinks alone.

    Hope your tabletop schedules fall in place so you can regale us with the imaginative tales where no one even needed a mouse nor a mod to take on the BAMs. ^.^

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  2. Hi my name is welshtroll and I can’t help but purchase a Humble Bundle if it has mobile games, I have stacks of the bloody things that I have never even installed, yet still I buy them with wild abandon when the email pops up.

    I’ve bought quite a bit of Fate related stuff recently as the concept is one that I find fascinating and how the interplay between the characters and their high concepts and aspects.
    From the screenshot you shared the Roll20 interface does look to handle it quite well.

    “With my reputation?” Bingo!


    • That screenshot included a home-brewed ‘landing page’ nicked from someone else’s idea, iirc, but since FATE is kind of mechanics-lite it is in fact pretty easy to run on a VTT.

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  3. Hmm…Been playing mostly SWTOR getting ready for the next Xpac. On the side, I play Planetside 2, though that only lasts so long as I see reasonably tactically sound folks playing. The second it goes zerg mode, I walk away so I don’t scream at insanely stupid tactics. Every now and then it’s off to Rome Total War 2. I have to be in the right mood for this. Usually it’s after binge watching Rome the series lol.

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  4. Been playing the Holy Trinity: WOW, LOTRO, SWG
    Don’t talk to me about the Lost finale!!! Scummers!!! Thinking of re watching the series on DVD….
    We all know the moon is made of cheese, doh.
    Stopped watching Dallas before JR’s lil pop gun incident.
    Your mom will find dust and spiderwebs, give up now.
    Have a nice visit!


  5. Oh My LORDY, I do so love the Fast Show! The best sketch comedy series I have ever seen.

    That timezone issue is always a problem when you have an international group of friends! I’m in Australia so I’d just add to the scheduling woes, I’m afraid. I remember the hassles we had in WoW trying to schedule raid times when our guild spanned 4 hours from Western Australia to New Zealand. Good luck with it!

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    • Also I have never seen Lost, and I desperately want to except for that wailing and gnashing of teeth around the ending. Sounds similarly disappointing to the final season of BSG.


      • Actually very similar, including the theme of the cop-out, yes. But the first few seasons of Lost are still very worth watching. As groundbreaking in their way as Babylon 5 was a couple of decades ago.

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