Dresden Files Accelerated RPG

Eeeeee, we’re in we’re in we’re in! I haven’t been this excited about a beta for ages. And we must be super-ultra-mega special (okay, or just lucky with the RNG) because according to Mr. Hicks himself,

… with 50 slots for 850 applicants, even if everyone’s equally awesome (a possibility), there’s a less than 6% chance of getting in.


I will be posting about this because it’s not only allowed but actually encouraged. What I can’t do, obviously, is discuss rules-y stuff and other stuff that’s in the materials we use to play. I’m sure that leaves a TON of room for frothing madly about how much fun we’re having. Because we will have fun. OR ELSE.

DFRPGA beta two

Now to make sure I can actually round up enough players at the right time to get some sessions going. If you’re reading this and interested, leave your contact email or G+ handle in the comments below so I can invite you to the Google+ community we made. Or mail me at ysharros -at- gmail -dot- com, or circle me on G+ and post on my wall or whatever it is the cool kidz do to hit each other up on G+. I am totally prepared to run multiple groups. I am only mildly manic at the prospect of not only running again, but running a game for an IP for which I am a self-admitted rabid fangirl.

HOW I plan to do this with work and the maternal unit here for the next month is a bridge I’ll burn when I get to it. I don’t have the super-seekrit rulez dokument yet anyway.



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  1. Grats on getting into an actual limited-access beta! I didn’t know they still existed!

    I love the Dresden Files novels and in theory I’d love to play the RPG but right now it’s probably not going to be feasible what with various uncertainties hanging around irl. I’ll take a rain check for some unspecified future time though when/if things get a bit less chaotic, if you still need people by then.


    • Are you in the UK or do I just have the wrong end of the stick because of the handle? If so I can probably use a couple more folks for the UK based group. In any case no news yet (as posted below to BKae).

      And if you’re not, we’ll just have to run an excessively chaotic group with lots of players…. or split into two groups of 3-4 if we have enough US folks. We’ll work it out.

      I’m quite happy to break the tabletop RPG drought in my life by going completely tabletop crazy. Moderation is for pussies.


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