DFAE RPG… where the D stands for DERP

Right. So.

On September 15th I posted with  much glee and anticipation that the Dresden Files Accelerated Edition playtesting had begun. Yay!

Then I waited for the download link to arrive. And waited. And waited. And thought wow, this is taking a while. And hosted my mum for a month, tried to keep my (not so) inner introvert sane, and waited.

And cleaned up  my inbox.

And found the download link, sent on September 16th.

Only one image is appropriate for how much of a moron I felt, just now, when I found that link.


So now we have rather less than 60 days in which to complete 3 play sessions, but that’s ok. We’ll manage. I AM PREPARED TO BUY A VIRTUAL AI-POWERED CATTLE PROD, just so my players know I’m serious about this. But it does mean managing a session a week, pretty much.

Those of you who indicated interest, check your G+ community invites. I sent a few out that haven’t been accepted. If that was intentional, it’s all good — if not, remind me here and I’ll resend; seems I may need people’s G+ addresses since invites aren’t always getting received, even to people already in my circles (@BlueKae, e.g.?). It’s a private group so the invite is needed to get into the super-seekrit sanctum. Sessions are currently planned for this Friday (16th) and Sunday (18th), to include character creation and whatever else we manage to do.

There’s still time to get involved. Let me know here or mail me.

Timing is, as always, a bitch. And I guess that between parental visit (which happens once or twice a decade since we’re on different continents) does trump roleplaying playtest. Maybe. Le sigh.