A Random Observation

It’s possible one’s MMO-playing days are over when one gets more excited about the Sims 4 expansion, Get Together,  coming out today than about anything MMO-related.


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  1. Darn hippies and their beach parties.

    You could just be experiencing a low interest time. I’m sort of in that period where I’m not really playing an MMO at the moment, but I know I’ll return eventually.


  2. It’s me who was asking about The Sims 4 the other day. I’ve loved all the previous Sims games but have been having a hard time enjoying this one. I miss the open world and create-a-style and the controls are so clunky. But it’s PRETTY, so I really want to like it!

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    • I remember. Yes, it’s quite a change from Sims3 to begin with and I had the same concerns you did. That said, I’ve become used to the segmented world and it does have its own benefits (lower computing overheads for one).

      I heartily recommend you try it, or try it again. I only really started getting into it when I decided to play a Legacy, possibly because it takes a while to warm up to the characters — but once you do, they’re a lot of fun to watch (or in my case, control their every blink, snort, and move).


  3. Nah, MMO days aren’t over with yet. But I’m super excited to get home and play this expansion today, too. I already have it downloaded. Just a few hours to go. *looks at clock*

    It’s good to have variety. When you’re ready to go back to MMOs, you will. 🙂

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  4. Always exciting to see a new post. It’s good to have a mix of single player and mmo games. I don’t think either require giant junks of time to be devoted to them. Free to play models make it so easy to just peek in and play.
    What I like about single player games sometimes is that it is just your world to roam in as you please, and the world is just as you left it, no matter how long it may have been.

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    • TBH that’s one of the things I’m liking too. My usual pick-up-and-go MMO, WoW, seems too daunting. Which is entirely my own fault — to many alts, too much going on, too far behind…


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