Ysharros Prelude

Screenshots from the 2014 TSW-reboot.

Latest update: October 29th, 2014 (Start: picture 1). Mouse over for the simple caption, or click through for the carousel view and longer-winded comments under the pix. They’re PNG – I’m worried that might make them load too slowly for folks but since it’s not diabolically bad on my machine and I have like the crappiest internet ever, I figure it should be ok. LET ME KNOW IF PIX ARE SLOW TO LOAD and I’ll swap to jpg. It’s just that TSW is so rich, detailed and cool-looking I felt it deserved higher-quality screens.

The intent (right now, best-laid plans and all) is to chronicle the rebirth of Eloise “Ysharros” Solclaim. She used to be a Dragon on Grim, but something went wrong and now she’s Illuminati on Arcadia. For several reasons: because I wanted to remake the character and experience the early game from scatch; because I don’t like the Illuminati faction and that makes them an awesome choice for a role-playing character; and because a blogging friend has a group going on Saturdays who are just a little ways into Kingsmouth, and I wanted to experience that too. And most of all because the original Eloise Solclaim (TSW) didn’t have white hair and all my Eloises need to have white hair. It’s been a thing since the first Eloise in Asheron’s Call.

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