Now you see me, now you don’t

Work > RL. I am living proof of this today and this is all the blog post you’re going to get.

Still no luck with the FF XIV beta — anyone else?

EDIT – the BetaForce is strong in me. It seems to be working now, at least as far as getting to the “OMG OMG LET ME IIIIIN!” page. Applied. Waiting.

EDIT – and in. Code sent. Now I get to spend 17 days downloading the client. Good thing I have a lot of work to do, eh?

Once you get your code, the process is Account Management –> Select Services –> New service blah blah. Thought I’d add this because it’s not clear where you should go once you hit the account management page (unless you actually read the whole mail *cough*).

Your application to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test has been accepted.
Please read through the e-mail we have sent to your Square Enix account’s registered e-mail address.

4 responses to “Now you see me, now you don’t

  1. Donwload the game code, it is a lot faster than that bugged P2P thing. FFXIVcore forum explain how to do it. They too explain how to tweak the P2P thing for it work as intended, but believe me, downloading it is faster.


  2. Yeah, the P2P thing was not working for me, I finally gave up and just uninstalled the beta. So Ysh, once you are able to play some, I would be interested in your thoughts.


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