So I gather I’ve missed yet another storm in the blogosphere teacup this week, where someone said they didn’t like Rift and a bunch of other people didn’t like that they didn’t like it and… and… whatever. I’m not being dismissive — well okay, I am. Maybe I’ll expostulate some more about this later, but I suspect that bandwagon is long gone by now. People will say what people will say. Other people are impressionable and will do exactly what those first people said. Most people will make up their own minds, I hope. And if we’re all that sheep-like, I’m not sure I want to know.

In any case, my inbox just coughed up something nice.

Downloading now.

Too many MMO things to do!

7 responses to “TerRIFTic!

  1. Cool. I’ve got one of those in my inbox. What does the download time look like? I hate to start in and find that I spend the weekend downloading rather than playing.


    • Looks like not quite 8 gigs — I’m about to run into town for errands anyway so I’m just letting it go. DL speed looks pretty good from here.


  2. Your mileage may vary, of course, but if I recall it took a couple of hours to download the client the first time and patching was really quick.


  3. What is an MMO good for if it doesn’t spawn fanboys and haters? If a game doesn’t produce controversy before it’s release it would be a miracle.


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