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Inspired by Atherne’s recent post, here are a few Kickstarter projects I’ve looked at and/or backed that still have a few (or more) days to go.

First off, a Shadowrun game which I initially backed out of nostalgia but became interested in for its own sake. I didn’t even play that much Shadowrun back in the day, but it was during my personal golden age of tabletop RPGs and I couldn’t not chip in a few bucks. The Kickstarter is doing quite well and closes in a few days. Click the image for the link.

HK final weekend

And then there’s THE MOST EPIC KICKSTARTER EVER, which set out to raise a modest 10k and ended up with Dr. Evil MEEELIONS. It also has a handful of days to go. I’m super glad my initial backing now comes with 8000% extra boxy and arty and cardy goodness, and look forward to getting hammered while playing it. Hopefully not literally.

Exploding kittens

Next is the MassivelyOP Kickstarter. Again, while I didn’t spend a whole lot of time reading Massively, I do respect it as a reporting presence in the gaming world and I’m tired of people in the gaming world losing their jobs. (Yes, I’m talking about you, Daybreak, and I’m sad both because I e-know or at least respect some of the folks involved and because I’ve got some skin in the game with Landmark and EQNext. AND because I should have known better than to believe the whole “this is going to be great for everyone!!!” announcements that were made last week.) I’m such a humble bundle that for the first time I backed a project for none of the rewards; also, the rewards were pretty lame, but that’s exactly NOT why I chipped in, so it’s all good.

I’m eagerly following updates on some older projects I backed. I have no idea if you can get hold of this stuff or not — if you can, yay for you, and if you can’t, ya boo sucks.

The first, Vow of Honor, is an RPG I backed for the above-mentioned nostalgia reasons, but now I’m really looking forward to getting the results into my hot little hands. For several years I’ve been wanting to get some tabletop RPG going again and it’s never really happened, for a number of reasons. (All right, curious Georges, here they are. 1) We only have 2 local players, one of whom is insanely unreliable (but I still love him) (not in a creepy cheating way) (he makes killer martinis – literally). 2) I don’t want to drive into ABQ and play with people I don’t know. That would mean leaving my Mum’s basement. 3) I haven’t yet looked into Virtual Tabletop options with any seriousness. 4) There is no four. The Holy Hand-Grenade taught us that.) On the bright side, I’ve wormed my way into a virtual game which should be starting Real Soon Now™ and can do some field-testing on the VT option he chose; it’s also a group with some dear, dear friends I haven’t seen in 15+ years, so I’m extra-keen.

And last but not least there’s The Breakfast Cult, another RPG I backed for a lark but now cannot wait to get, and for which my enthusiasm should require no explanation. Anything that manages about 8 references just in the title has got to be major win.


breakfast cult

I don’t really browse Kickstarter much, so most of these came to my attention through other people’s posts on Facebook and blogs and elsewhere. In that vein, if my beloved-and-much-abused-and-neglected readers are backing or watching anything interesting, please post a link in the comments below.



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  1. I actually haven’t supported any new Kickstarters for awhile. While only two of the Kickstarters I backed were not successful, I started feeling as if there weren’t any tangible returns in any kind of a reasonable time frame.

    This is all different with the MassivelyOP Kickstarter because those folks are not asking for someday, they’re delivering now. Everything you wish for and dream of from them, they are putting right out there. Funding these folks lets them keep delivering well into the future. A future that for me would be considerably bleaker without them.


    • Aw 😦
      I’ve had really good experiences with Kickstarter, but I seem to come into it with a different take than most people. I’m basically generally happy just to chip in some cash to help a project, whether I’m desperate to get the results or not.

      So far I’ve managed to end up with 2 sets of really nice dice (FATE dice from Evil Hat and some amazing metal dice from a blogger buddy at Tish Tosh Tesh), an RPG that hasn’t shipped yet but I don’t mind waiting (I was more interested in supporting them than in actually playing the end-result), the Pahtfinder MMO which is still in development and which I will probably never play (or play for 5 minutes), but I don’t mind that either, a planner (non-gaming, I got it, I LOVE it) and the projects mentioned in the post.

      I keep thinking I backed Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop project on KS, but in fact it was on some other platform I can’t currently remember the name of. I tried supporting some stuff on Patreon but it didn’t like my attempts to give it money, though that was a year ago and I haven’t tried again since. I like the idea of Patreon though.

      I don’t pledge often, I miss some projects I would like to have backed but didn’t hear about in time, and basically I don’t pledge if I can’t afford it. But other than that I really do see it as a form of patronage (in a non-condescending way).


  2. It looks as if Torment:Tides of Nemenera and Obduction are due for release later this year. If I have both of those, perhaps I will be happier and Kickstart more 🙂

    Thanks for the blog roll add 🙂


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